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This is my first professionally recorded voice demo, as part of a voice acting class I took. It features three characters of various tones.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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That's detective gumshoe to you pal. You know what I think about sometimes? What kind of life would I have if I hadn't joined the homicide division? Is a traffic cop. Me as a detention officer me is the blue badger. I remember him making a show of confidence at first, but after five minutes he breaks down and you end up feeling sorry for the poor guy. Yeah, well it's the confused detective. No way pal. You're not going to get me to back bite a woman with a whip. No way! Prosecutor Fun. Karma's always got her eyes on us. And every time you definitely don't want her to show up poof! There she is! Show up! Don't show up. Don't show up. Don't show up. Don't show up The crossbows spread out throughout the castle. I want no alway unchecked. No room on God protecting the grand jules. Our top priority. You take these humans to the dungeon. Who wants. They snuck into the castle and need to be horrible. But make sure to keep if they have useful information provided we can open up the gates, we shall destroy these humans and shatter any future hopes they have of defeating us by the power of the grand jewel. We shall be led to victory. Uh huh. Hey, it's this guy, right? Boom. Coming in a moment of caring more about my shoes. Check them out. Lexicons built in hydraulics and a sound machine at night. They refresh their own odor and by morning there's good as new. My dad got it. There he is now. Daddy. Daddy Blue heads your 4th son. My dad's busy yesterday. He was in Hong kong. Tomorrow. He's in Beijing word. The wise never fly airline to either of those cities. You're gonna want to hook up a better flight or it's 24 hours of Russian caveat. You don't know the difference. Well, you haven't lived been to my house for afternoon tea. Not now, boy. We'll go over the purchases later. Right louis. So