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Quarantine measures

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This is a demo regarding the activities that everyone can follow during this pandemic.

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hes I'm Occid opposing my first year. We mechatronics chains, you have technology, So I'm here to speak about how things are going on getting this quarantine. So how we all hope things are going good to stop with. Placing people in quarantines would use a social contact. The limit opportunity is for transmission of a virus. That's true, but living on lock down for lengthy periods can take its toll on the people affected, too. Studies show living in isolation can produced post traumatic stress symptoms. Confusion and frustration, etcetera, etcetera. So these feelings can cause many problems. How often unpleasant experience quarantine has been a useful toe world and slowing outbreaks in the past buring influenza pandemic but also when it comes to the opportunities that we have. The good thing is that, due to mourn technology, meeting in person isn't required to develop activities or deepen existing ones. So although we're all practicing some form of social distancing for the moment, here's how to maintain and grow your network. Why enquiring did so Make the effort. Think long term so because we don't know when this will end, so we have to embrace the sense of community it can be tough to take action without a clear direction. But sometimes it's that action, even if it doesn't seem directly beneficial in the moment. But which opens your eyes to a new perspective or idea Tough situation can bring out the best in communities to rally support, join an online for spend it wisely and as well as enjoy, because you may not get this an opportunity again. And we can also say that the quality is not same for everybody. There are some people who are in a very bad and wild edible situations. In that context, there are many threats for many people also do this locked up for some of those people. Government is already trying to take measures so discovered 19 pandemic has been spread like 77 countries and infecting over 90,000 people in a span of just three months. So to stop all these, they're basically two ways in which this can be achieved. That's nothing but quarantine and isolation. Though often used in reports these terms Rafferty unique situations. Some of the threats that are causing you to quarantine are high stress loss of jobs like the panda itself, the resulting tract of domestic violence is global. Do that women and Children are often the main victims. All the businesses and employees are affected by the loss of activity in the company. Beautiful is locked down, even though most likely many employees are still walking from house from home to sustain that needs. So finally, I would like to conclude this by saying even a few is lucky. If you're healthy enough to problems on your own activities, keep it in your mind. Thank you. Have a great day.