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Voice Over • Videogames


Short improv showcasing how menacing I can sound without every veering into the cartoonish.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


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there's just something about the crackling smell, the very sensation when the burning flame is right next to you and you can just feel yourself being sucked in. That's the finale of all five fire burning bright into the sky, destroying what people found so beautiful, so integrate, so civilized and yet fire can take every single inch of their masterpiece. They're blueprints come to life and incinerate it into a glorious inferno. I find myself so captivated by those flames. I can see what will be when I stare into them. These are sacrifices what I do. It's not for fun, it is to know the future. You cannot gaze into what will be without offering something that exists and destroying it for that taste of the fruit of the future. And it gives you more and it demands more, more gasoline fires right rising higher. The volcanoes are asleep. So I must act in their stead. I must direct these monuments of cataclysmic flowing magma. Not through the countryside is completely decimated. The burning. The only thing left, the water's gone. I want it all to burn and once it does when their screams ring out as the flames shoot towards the sky ready to devour even the heavens. That's when I know that what I see will give me the strength, the wisdom so that I can continue and there will be others that see it that understand what I'm doing. That I am no maniac. That I am fueled simply my curiosity. I want to save this world for mankind. I want this planet to matter and if it must be reduced to nothing but a crater, a smoldering mass of screams and destruction, every civilization torn down and rebuilt with fire, gorgeous fire. Then I will do it because it will open my third eye and I will see what I'm meant to know what I am meant to command and to conquer these flames As they grow as I learn their majesty as their magic envelopes me. I know how to move these fires. There is nothing you can do to stop nature unparalleled, unquestionable beast with no true form, it spreads out infinitely until all is swallowed by the flames. There is a reckoning and it's so close you just never know when the end of the world will begin.