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This is a long-form horror improv showcasing the fluidity of my voice and performance.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


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let me tell you a story. Now, this was many years ago, I was more naive, more open to the things to possibilities and experiences that maybe weren't advised or really even wise to to do. But I did. I was out with my friends at night. We like to stroll out in the dark. There's something deeply pleasing about walking down streets with the moonlight at your side, no kids out playing. There's no noise, just the sound of nature scurrying wild animals and there's just something so calming about it. And as we're walking our usual rounds, which went a few different ways around the neighborhoods. My friend, he decided that why should we all be enslaved? A repetition? We've never gone out past the usual houses where the lights started to fade and for whatever reason he convinced us without much effort. And so we went off behind this house. It was a large two story house with kind of faded brown look to it. The grass had grown too much. It was very malnourished and people weren't taking care of it. And it serves sort of as the barrier the, the gateway to the unknown for us. We've been all around. We knew people for miles, but it was well established and well understood that no matter what happened, you didn't go past the brown house. All the other houses. They had, they were white, they were green and there were any color, you could think of it. This was just this dull brown, it was just decayed, rotting place and no one even knew if anyone lived there. The paper wasn't delivered. There were no plants. It was hard to tell. And there were many rumors and stories that people like to make up about the place. But we weren't really interested in that. We didn't believe in ghost stories. You name it. Serial killer lived there. Cannibals ate people imagination is an interesting thing and you ask somebody they had a different story to tell you. But nothing good ever happened at the brown house. So we went right past it, which maybe begged the question why to go if no one went up to this brown house which sat by itself, there were no neighbors, the two houses that would have been next door both burned to the ground in mysterious circumstances that no one understood of course, that just fed to the legend and folklore tends to absorb these stories and and it has its own identity. But we went past the brown house deep into the woods where the trees started to stick together and the branches and leaves are high up blocking the moon's guidance from us. We started going deeper in where there was no light anymore. There were sounds all around. It felt like there were creatures below us. Above us right behind us as if we had walked into a nest, some sort of hive. We couldn't see anything and no one had the foresight to bring a flashlight because why we always stayed in the same spots. Nice litton neighborhood. But we just kept going. Of course, my friend goaded us. The tried and true. What are you? A chicken with very inaccurate blocking sound. And any man, woman, child that is called a chicken and insulted in such a way they will dive headfirst into danger and into mystery. And so we went deeper. Why? Because we're just dumb. And there was a point of no return. Not physically, but a place when once we stepped past a specific branch, there was no longer any shadows. It was a pure blackness and there was nothing that could be seen behind you. You could see the way to civilization to light and you knew that was the way to go. But then we went into the deep dark forest and we kept going laughing around, staying close together. And of course one of us immediately stopped responding was myself, bobby rick and john rick had been regarding us on a conquest he made with a babysitter. And he just stopped and said nothing. We thought, oh, he's holding for pausing for dramatic effect. He's gonna blur out some incredibly perverted punchline. But he called his name. He just, it was gone and we've gone too far deep into the woods. There was no sense of direction anymore everywhere you looked was pure darkness and it took us a while to realize once we stopped shouting his name, that there was no sound besides our voices. It was dead as if we had stumbled into a graveyard and one by one, we lost track of each other completely consumed by silence. I don't know where rick was, where bobby was or john, I could hear someone calling my name louder and louder. I knew it must have been one of them. It was probably Rick. He must have fallen. He's always been a bit of a klutz getting himself into situations that most people wouldn't. I followed the sound of the voice using my hands to safely navigate through the trees, stepping in puddles that made no noise, but I just kept going closer and closer to the Voice and my feet stopped. I had approached a hill. I gripped onto branches and started to climb up. The voice was getting louder. I grabbed another branch and pulled myself up. I hadn't responded in a while because I, I felt that I didn't want any one to know. I was in here. I've read so many stories and seeing so many movies about situations like this and I knew it was best to keep quiet. I heard a rustling behind me what stomping on twigs and the rustling of bushes. I stopped dead. I held my breath and I wanted to close my eyes, but there was no difference between the two of them. I heard it stop and start again and then I heard another sound dragging something heavy being pulled across the ground. I didn't know what it was. I was terrified. I was scared. I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know what I was hearing, I didn't even blink, I didn't I didn't do anything, I just heard it dragging and there was no sound from whatever was being dragged across the floor of the forest. Germany's midnight hours. And then I heard a door, loud, creaky old wooden door rise up as if it were some sort of hidden cellar, must have been in one of the bushes. And then I heard it being dragged down a staircase, something each one I could tell it was ahead and there were feet. Then I saw a light um it out of a hole in the darkness and they couldn't see me. But I saw it, it was the body of my friend bobby and something pulled him down there and then it shut. I heard it lock and then sound came back all at once. I could hear things in the trees as if they were too scared as well. They started chirping, they started making noises scurrying about and then something even worse happened. I heard him scream, I heard him scream at the top of his lungs begging for anyone to help him. He was so terrified. I just heard him screaming no please please don't please don't hurt me. I I did nothing wrong, I don't know who you are, what are you doing this? Please please help me! Someone help me! Someone help me Alex, please Alex are you there? Just calling my name and then again I heard the voice calling my name, but not from whatever hellish cellar my friend had just been dragged into and there was a moment where it all went dead again and I heard him scream out one final piercing shriek that stopped midway, and then I heard that shed, that that I don't know what it was, but it opened again. Whoever was out there walked back out and there was no sound again. I could see him. He must have been about, Something over six ft tall. He was dragging a shovel. I could see through little specks of moonlight that cheated their way in. There was blood all over that shovel, it was jagged, it was rusty, and I just killed my friend. I didn't know, I didn't know if he was dead, I didn't know if he needed me, I didn't know what to do. I could hear him going off into the distance, not saying a word, just going back, he must have been going back to the brown house. All the stories were true. There was something nightmarish about that place and he had to have come from there and then again, right over the hill, it's just repeating my name in a strange tone, almost as if one of my friends had a flashlight under their face and were making weird faces to scare me, but something was off about it. Something told me I had two choices that I could either go look inside of the doorway and see what was down there or I could keep going up the hill, risk falling and maybe alert whoever or whatever the **** that thing was about my presence. And I I was so ******* miserable. I started creeping my way down. I didn't know what was up there. There could be a who that I could trip in. I could fall, could break my leg and then have to sit there in silence because there's something out here in the woods. I went over and I found the bush and sure enough there was a rotted doorway. I opened it up and I went down the stairs. I almost slipped because of the blood on them. And then I went, It was a small like tomb with dirt everywhere and the small pristinely white table housing my friend, he was laying on top of it. It looked so eerie. His eyes, we're staring into the ceiling, but he couldn't see anything anymore. There were cuts up and down his body and there were how do I describe this? There were these almost blood veins on the floor that have been pulling his blood. I walked over to him and he was he looked like a picture as if I wasn't looking at the real him, but just a portrait a moment in time as if he was frozen in this position. I didn't know what to do. He wasn't breathing. I didn't dare touch him. I could tell the table was wobbling a little bit. Any wrong distribution of weight, could have him piling onto the floor, setting off any number of alarms or traps and I would be completely alone, income, completely doomed. I heard the door open, it was pitch black. He was coming down again. I didn't know what he was doing. I did the only thing I could, I went under that little table and I put my hand over my mouth and I tried to become nothing. His boots were loud, they were uneven, almost as if he had a limp. One of his legs was shorter than the other and I heard a very large thud right above me. Now it was a john okay. I saw him by his sneakers, bobby fell to the floor, his dead barren eyes staring at me, protecting my secret. The muttering began then very quiet, very personable, incredibly rapid spoken. I couldn't quite make out all of it. It was he spoke so quickly as if he didn't understand yeah, how to separate words. It was all just this one word salad as he vented his frustrations and voiced his thoughts to his his victim. Mhm johns much braver. It was loud. He was boisterous. He told the man so many hateful, hurtful things but I don't think he understood a word that john said. He just grabbed him by the throat, he raised the shovel and he just slashed it across his face, john screamed about his eyes, my eyes, my eyes, What did you do to my eyes? I can't see it hurts, I feel the blood and then he strangled it right as I lay there he fell to the floor trying to crawl away, his hand reached under the table and felt me. He must have known not that it was me, but that it was one of us or someone else. And he immediately let go and crawl into the corner, screaming as loud as he can taunting him. I would not be a second attempt. He dragged that shovel across And decapitated him slowly. It wasn't a swift motion. He had to saw his way through for what felt like 10 long excruciating minutes. The most unbridled psychotic screams a human being could ever begin to emit. Then I heard that moment to his head had been severed and his body collapsed to the floor bleeding into one of the little holes below right. And he dragged his shovel along and went again to look and define rick or me. I didn't know if they were all dead at that point, but I wouldn't survive if I stayed in here and it came to morning and he could see me. I don't know what prompted me to do it but I just slowly crept up and I followed him as he marched off into the forest. I shadowed his every move. He was loud on the stairs and I noticed the third one creaked, so I avoided it. He tossed open doors and off he went, I was so thankful he didn't close them. He had gone off where we came in. My only choice was to keep going up the hill and so I went up with a renewed confidence like I had survived some sort of massacre. Like I had some something important to do with my life. And again that voice started singing my name and I appeared over that hill and I saw that thing, its hand has gone through the back of Rick's head and was moving his vocal cords like an instrument. That's why it sounded so unsettling and so strange. He was using him like a puppet to lure me out and to kill me like the rest of them. I could see his fingers still moving but heard nothing. But then I watched he was saying bobby john but for some reason I can only hear my own name. I didn't understand it, but he was able to call all of our names at once but only but only if it was your name. Could you hear it? You hear someone your best friend screaming your name. You're gonna give away your position and this thing. I don't know if it's the same one or if it's there's two of them or what the **** is going on. But it was just standing there. I couldn't see its face at the back of its head. It looked ancient, like a skeleton had wrapped itself in fresh new skin that didn't quite adapt and you could just tell it was almost like a walking dolls and pretending to be human, Its legs were different sizes, its arms different sizes. It looked like it had been cobbled together from people it had killed and then I watched it pull his hand out and it just grabbed the left eye and ripped it out in the turn and I saw was a ghastly ugly face With at least 10 different skin colors. Different shades of white and brown have been just sewn together. It was like a parasite. I watched and says socket list. I he just shoved it inside and he started to shake and he fell to the ground like his whole body was I was absorbing this new piece and getting used to it all. Something inside me told me to get the **** out of there. So I took off running and it's like God was on my side or or someone because the moon was lighting up the way I could hear the sounds of nature so I knew I was safe and every time it died down and went dead. I hid under a bush or next to a tree and I always saw it walking past me with no sound with no shadow like it wasn't even there like it was some sort of hologram like this sort of vision from another world, It was wrong and it would wander off the birds would chirp and I would keep going and I kept going and I could see the exit of the forest. I was almost there. I was almost home. Nice stop. Parents stood in front of the brown house twitching with blood dripping down its elongated arm. I didn't know what the **** to do but it was blocking my only way out. Were there more of them? Were there three of them? Was it all the same thing? I didn't know they were hard to see in the dark but it was the same disgusting combination of flesh. Mhm But I still had it, the sounds were on my side. I didn't know if there were rules that had to be followed or if it was all luck but I just walked right past it and it was just frozen there completely stone like a statue. Then I started to hear it die down. The sounds were going away, it started moving and as I looked at me there was a whole a large cut and it's right eyelid and I could see it peering up on me and I was not, they weren't lined up. It was almost in where his cheek should be and this deformed monster looked at me and it started moving in the most unnatural manner walking as if it had no concept of movement, but it forced the whole Frankenstein body to submit. I had no choice. I ran into the brown house and inside there was no sound. My voice made no noises, my screams made no noises. This was this was where it all started. This had to be it. It was a smallish house, there was a kitchen, a living room, everything had been abandoned. It had that feeling like when I saw earlier frozen in time rotting away, I went into the basement and that's when I saw it. When I saw exactly where all that blood was going to, the entire place was flooded with blood. The stairway stopped About eight steps in. It was flooded. I had no choice but to dive into this disgusting river of blood. There was no noise, it was like, I just couldn't say anything, There was no splashing and I swam into a corner and I could see it coming down the stairs. I closed my eyes and I went under. I was never going to be able to come up. I opened my eyes hoping I could see something, find a way out and there was a large hole tunnel. I went and do it. I never held my breath so long. I knew if I went back up. I was dead. I didn't know what the **** it was going to do, but I didn't want to feel fingers going back into my throat and moving me like a puppet to kill more innocent people. So I just decided to take the dive and to follow it. I could see I was coming to surface. I came up and I heard myself so there was sound here. I was somewhere in the sewers under the neighborhood. I didn't know I kept going, I didn't know what to do. I started to cry because I've been crying. I don't know, I might have been crying the whole time. I had no, I felt like my emotions have been completely swapped. They've been all messed up like I just gone into a portal and my very soul, my psyche, my thoughts had all been altered, had all been just messed with in a way that just made me feel miserable and it made me feel so vulnerable and I was walking up and I saw that there was a ladder up to a sewer circle that would get me out. As I was climbing up, I saw that thing rising up from the water, its mouth gaped like its jaw had been smashed and it couldn't fix it. Its eyes in the wrong spot, nose bleeding, stomach just I couldn't count how many people must have been killed and skinned or mutilated. I didn't know what the **** that thing was. I went up, I was greeted by the sunlight the next day I went home, I couldn't sleep. I just stayed there and I listened to music. I just didn't care what it was. Pop, it was hip hop, it was classical. I needed just sound the sound of crickets, the sound of people walking had become terrified of silence and when the sun was burning bright Within 100° I went in broad daylight and I I burned down that brown house. They arrested me for it. But I never heard silence again. I was never alone and I never went back into those woods and I still wonder what happened to them. What really happened to them when they were all separated in those woods. I don't know, I don't know what happened. I really don't. And so I say to you, don't go into the woods at night because you just don't know what's out there, what's waiting for you because there are some things in this world that just don't belong and they'll do anything they can to get rid of you.