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Alexander Perkins - Children's Radio Demo

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A demo from Fun Kids Radio's Animal Hour. Fun Kids is a children's radio station in the UK and around the world online.

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English (British)

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Young Adult (18-35)




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Theo Theo Tithe cracking songs on the show today a couple of doggy songs coming up Also something from the wonder pets called Wee wee Pee Pee tinkle Oh, yeah, We're going This's the animal Our explore the fun kids Junior Zoo with Alex Theo Little brown dog on fun Kids Junior, We've got another doggie zone coming up next And that's after Jodi with his eight is ed off wildlife today It's the letter l Greetings, explorers and welcome to the amazing A set of world life with me. Jody today the letter and animal is is for leeches. I'm gonna go and try and find some leeches. Take it easy. Thank you very much, Jody. Now, tomorrow, Jodie has got the letter U Do you think it's unicorn is a unicorn is shaking his head and now he's saying there's no such thing as a unicorn. Okay, alright, fine. Finance an animal beginning with the letter you at the same time tomorrow, just after two o'clock. Wait until last week I've been telling you about some amazing animals that you might not have even known exist. There is an animal called a pebble toad and it's found in the sandstone plateau, the overlaps. Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana in South America. Now this ***** has to contend with animals such as snakes, scorpions and torrential ahs that all want to eat it. Now, even though the pebble toad is quite defenceless, it's able to simply throw itself from its perch. Now it curls up into a ball and bounces off all the boulders on down the steep slopes to safety. And it doesn't get hurt because it can roll itself up into this pebble. It's absolutely amazing, is called a pebble told in a Double A. And all aboard the fun kids. Junior Safari is the animal, our with Alex, and now it's time for our pet gallery. Okay, okay, calm down, calm down. This's your chance to make your pet really, really famous. All you need to do is sending a photograph of your pet, and it could end up on the pet gallery at fun. Kids live dot com. Plus, every day we choose one of those pets on, we put it on the fun kids Junior Petr stool, which is like a pedestal, but for pets will also give you a shout out on the actual radio on. We might give you a phone call so you can tell everybody listening just how amazing your pet is. Live on air. So today's pick shout out, goes to Got the Cats. Congratulations on Congratulations to Beth, which is Garth's owner. She sent in this super cute pitch of Garth drinking from a jug of milk. Now, Beth says, Garth is really, really naughty, which we can see in the picture because I don't think that cement to drink from jugs of milk. But, she said, when he's eaten, he's really, really sleepy and really, really cute. But cheque out the photograph yourself by going to fun. Kids live dot com, and if you feel inspired, then why not get a really cute picture of your pet? Send it into us a fun kid's life dot com on. We might make your pet famous as well weigh every week on the animal. Our I like to invite an animal into the studio to be our animal D. J of the week. And this week it's Jeffrey the Giraffe. Hello, everybody. This is Jeffrey, that you're not going over. I've got to bend down a bit to get to the microphone. More name is Geoffrey the Giraffe and I am your animal deejay for this week. Now here is my first song. Monkeys on the bed Down there. Monkeys on the beds on fun kids Junior, I'm still thinking in the week leading up to comic relief, I'm thinking we should have a monkey Monday where I play every single monkey song I confined, including all the different versions of monkeys on the bed. I think we've got about three or four of them, so we just lay low to monkey songs on, then have loads of monkey jokes and monkey facts and all that kind of stuff. So let me know if you got a favourite monkey song on, we will play it on Monkey Monday Just got fun. Kids live dot com, Contact Me Annex.