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Ash Falls Samples

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Voice Over • Audiobooks


Samples from the Ash Falls audio series event from Fiction Vortex and StoryShop. These are audio dramas that include narration as well as sound effects.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
That's strange, she realized. Hawthorne doesn't bloom this late in the year. Ah, hi! Keening screech Check out Across the valley, the coyotes held in excitement. *******, Kevin yelled. There was another lower pain cry that lasted longer, turning into a bellow and then a moan. And then in gurgle, the last notes echoing. In Emma's years, she stood stock still. Are you a soft voice asked from the darkness. Whatever I was expecting to see when I entered the room below the nave, this was not it. A black stone, about 10 feet long and six feet wide, is now sitting in two pieces on the floor, having slid off of whatever used to be holding it up at about waist height. It has been cracked in half, with the middle of the stone split down the center, as if hit with a giant sacks. Whatever force destroyed, the stone somehow erupted upward, leaving a blackened hole filled with twisted beams and tiles. I looked around with the flashlight a bit until I located a light switch. Flipping the switch does not do a damn thing, I would guess. Due to the trash conduit and wiring dangling from the gap in the ceiling. I turned back around into the room, and that is when I noticed something I had missed. When I walked in from the stairwell along the floor, thin trails of rust red leading back into the darkness deeper beneath the building, I kneeled down and take a closer look already knowing what I will find. Blood trails, dozens of them, all leading from a point further into the darkness, all terminating at the fractured stone. He felt cold, but the dead feel cold. Something prickly pressed the exposed flesh of his naked back. Rob shifted and pain shot there, his entire body, deep in places he hadn't known, existed. Every muscle screamed in protest. He lay still, waiting for the cramping agony to pass dry grass. The thought coalesced into Rob's aching head. He was laying on the grassy ground compared to the nothingness of before. He almost welcomed the spasms and the Velcro scratch of stiff blades under him. Surely the dead did not feel pain, so he must be alive. He did not know how he had made it back, but he had Rob opened his eyes soft, moonlight filtered through the wisps of gray clouds. The stars twinkled and winked against the jet black sky. Crickets chirped, frogs croaked. The stream gurgle and slashed its way through the huge dark pines, which stood in rows along the bank. It all seems so normal, peaceful, even. Images flew into Ben's mind, each with the same man, but in different clothes in different times and places in all of them. The thick stench of jungle accosted his nose. I tried to go back. The girl wasn't riel. She was a mirage or a ghost, something put there only to learn me. But then he rose from the water. Miranda gasp! She was feeling the power of the moment. She was loving the memory of her own encounter. He stood on the surface like some kind of God, then said, and he told me that I had been chosen not his prey, but as kin. Your spirit was pure. My spirit was pure, he said. I didn't know what it meant, but it sounded so good. I was so proud to be worthy. But he offered you a choice. Miranda continued. The choice to forget or to remember I chose to remember, and who wouldn't. I'm only human been admitted. Another shock of pain bolted through them. I couldn't stand the thought of having part of my life removed.