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English speaking female-'ditsy voice/Welsh lilt'/ Humourous tone.

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Voice Over • Animation


Here, I read one of my poems from my Amazon #1 best-selling poetry book in category.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British, Welsh


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elastic aimed elastic, just fantastic. Think what it can do. It holds secure and keeps things safe and gives things life. A new its greatest perk, at least for me, is how it makes things grow. It adds some inches at a push. It's versatile, you know the boom. For most. It has to be if eating a large dinner elastic waistband saves the day and makes you feel much thinner without it. Just think where we'd be with panties on the floor are socks would not stay up our legs. Not great for shoes, for sure. Then what about spring onions? How would they stay together? They like to hang out in a bunch as best as friends forever. Most important is the mail, the post he brings each day without a band to keep them safe. Our letters may well stray, and just before I do forget, you put it on your finger to help remind you what you need and help the memory linger. So next time that you go to throw a lucky band away, just think of all it does for you and save for future day