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We definitely had expectations of how it was going to go when we went to go get candy of how Phoebe was gonna act towards her. We thought it was going to be maternal because we suspected that Phoebe probably had a litter at some point in time because of the way her belly hangs. It looks like it's a bit of that. She's, you know, got a mom bobbin. Something's in it. Yeah, like some beings were in there, you know, although I don't know if I believe her, but one of the women that work for the adoption agency that we got her from, it was like, Oh, no, that's just how that cads belly is. It was like, I don't know about Okay, Thank you. I I think we know better than you, but you're saying it's her fault that she's like that, You know, it's not her phone. Okay, so we got a baby gate, we separated. Um, I mean, just baby the word baby gate alone. I know what it is you're talking about a gate for them also, like baby gate, baby gate. All the babies escaped from your