Animation Reel, English and French



Animation demo reel with multiple characters

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) French (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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you can't scare me. The only thing I will tell you is everything you want to know, machinery cal booze. You what? Beautiful eyes. You have all eight of them. My quantum electron neutrino accelerator with built in hand sanitizer will soon destroy those filthy meddlers. So that's the earth and we've no parachutes. You say we'll go through your plan again, would you? I'm not sure I hello Toodles. What's that? You can't find your snood. Why it's on your head silly. I'm thinking this is my thinking face. I know it's very similar to my pulsing wind face. Citizens don't panic. My dazzling teeth and overly large upper body are usually enough to save the day. Failing that we could just hide. I don't think it's deep and I don't think there are sharks. But why don't you go first? I'll keep a lookout. Yes Bessie. You know it's josephine's turn in the meadow today. Your language young lady. That's right. Filo you tell her What's what? Oh now don't you start ginger and now come on josie. It's all yours. And over here we have the spiny lump sucker. Spiny lump sucker. Oh come on dude. What's his real name? Um. Screen E lump sucker body part doing. We got this little song for you. It's mighty simple. 21234 square has got four corners. A triangle has three but a circle. You may like to know. It hasn't got any. A square has got four corners. A triangle has three. But a circle you may like to know