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A sample from Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta)


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hunk found this yellow brightness, this sharpness of boaz eyes disquieting increasingly. So as boaz continued to stare. Uncle looked away, looked by chance into the eyes of some of his other squad mates found their eyes to be uniformly dull. Even the eyes of Sergeant Brackman were dull, boaz, Zais continued to bite into junk. I felt compelled to meet their gaze again. The pupils were seeming diamonds. You don't remember me, hunk, said boaz. The question alarm, dunk. For some reason it was important that he not remember boaz. He was grateful that he really didn't remember him, boaz hunk, said boaz, I'm boaz. Monk nodded. How do you do? He said, Oh, I don't do what you'd call real bad, said boaz. He shook his head. You don't remember nothing about me, young, No, said uncle. His memory was nagging him a little now, telling him that he might remember something about boaz if he tried as hard as he could. He shushed his memory. Sorry, said uncle, my mind's a blank. You and me, We're buddies, said boaz, boaz and dunk. Um said Uncle, you remember what the buddy system is? Uncle said boaz. No! Said uncle. Every man in every squad said boaz. He got a buddy, buddies share the same foxhole stick right close to each other in a tax, cover each other, one buddy, get in trouble in hand to hand, the other buddy come up and help slip a knife in. Um said Uncle. Funny, said boaz, what a man will forget in the hospital and what he'll still remember no matter what they do, you and me. We trained his buddies for a whole year and you've done forgot that. And then you say that thing about cigarettes. What kind of cigarettes, hunk. Hi! I forget, said uncle. Try to remember now, said boaz. You had it once. He frowned and squinted as though trying to help Monk remember. I think it's so interesting what a man can remember after he's been to the hospital. Try and remember everything you can Punk had the eerie feeling that he and boaz were the only real people in the stone building, but the rest were glass eyed robots, and not very well made robots at that. Sergeant Brackman supposedly in command seemed no more alert. No more responsible. No more in command than a bag of wet feathers. Let's hear all you can remember, hunk, wheedled boaz. Oh buddy! He said. Just remember all you can before I could remember anything. The head pain that had made him get on with the execution hurt him again. The pain did not stop, however, with the warning nip! While boaz watched expressionless lee. The pain in dunks. Head became a wang ng flashing thing. Monk stood, dropped his rifle, clawed at his head reeled, screamed, fainted