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Narration Reel, Romantic, Funny, Gritty

Voice Over • Audiobooks


New Narration reel which includes three different genres of writing.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC), England - Yorkshire & Humber, Scottish, Scottish (Glaswegian)


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This was Sables Idea, the surprise party for Gabby's 50th birthday. It was April 16th. Gabby was in Aires. But like many of the typical character flaws of that star sign, she was neither arrogant nor selfish nor controlling. She possessed a raw courage, and she had a rare zest for life. Gabby turned 50 today, a beautiful, vibrant, exciting 50 50 on the brink of still greater things. I think they might be doing his clothes, said McCoy. Stuart nodded, opened the case, pulled out a shut, and his face crumpled. The Danny's. We went shopping just before he came to Scotland. Your suit, Brooks Brothers, Same label on the shots. Stewart sat on the bed looking completely lost. I don't understand. Why are Donnie's close? Then something dawned. An awful look of pain on his face. He looked at McCoy. McCoy asked, Do you know what type of bloody is Mom stomped up the stairs. Henry opened the diary, but before he could read a single word, Mom burst in. He snatched my diary and he told me to shut up. Henry, stop annoying your brother said Mom, I wasn't said Henry. Yes, he was snivel Peter and now you've made him cry. Say sorry. I was just asking about his own work. He was trying to read my diary. Henry, A diary is private. Now leave your brother alone. It was so unfair. Why did Mom always believe Peter?