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Welcome. I am your host. Perry the magnificent. And tonight I will bedazzle you with my wit and words. I haven't. As soon as I insert the hair of the bat, it will be ready. No, you imbecile! I said, put the flowers on his grave. Not give him the flowers next. It says we need to paint a pumpkin. Hmm. The only colors we have are red, yellow and blue, but pumpkins are orange people of Valya. We were once a proud, strong people. Where are those warriors that fought off the zen tha's protected the valenti. I believe that they are here and together we can reclaim what is ours? Well, according to my calculations, traveling at our current speed, we should reach giggle. But seven in about 2000 years. What have I told you Children about playing with my dentures? Ha! Much better now! Where are my glasses?