Attitude is everything- by Jeff Keller

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If you can dream it you can do it!
Whether your outlook is negative ,positive or somewhere in between, Jeff Keller, motivational speaker and coach will show you how to take control and unleash your hidden potential though the powerful steps

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everyone a monitor from Hyderabad, India. So today I'm going to record my voice for the book. Narration. Off Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller's Is the capital of the Book goes like this attitude is everything. Change your attitude, Change your life about the Otter. Jeff Keller is a founder and president ofthe attitude is Everything. Inc For more than 20 years, he delivered presentations on attitude on Motivation. He is the author of the book Here's to Your Success, which contains 62 off his most popular disease. Jeff is a native New Yorker and has the accent to prove it. To contact him, send an email to Deaf at attitude is everything dot com dedication? This book is dedicated to my wife dollars for believing in me on encouraging me to follow my dreams introduction the night that changed my life. The greatest discovery off my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. Billion James In 1980 I graduated from law school and thought I would be a lawyer for the rest of my life. After all, that's what I would want it to do. Since my early teenage years. At first, everything went according to the plan. After Lords off studying that summer, I passed the bar examination and was admitted to practise law in New York. My personal life was also on the upswing. In only 1981 I married dollars. A law school classmate. I was on my way to Much Sucks is unhappiness, or so I thought. But after practising law for a few years, I realised I wasn't happy at all. Sure, there were some things I liked about being a lawyer. I enjoy helping people resolved the dispute, especially when I could save them the agony off plenty code proceedings. Yet there was so many things about being an attire of me that I disliked, and that just seemed to drain the life out of me. Mounds and Marlon's off tedious paperwork and motions to be for you. Constant delays on postponements. It was uncommon for a trial to be post born 10 times I dreaded going to walk. I continued to grind out the work but grew more and more dissatisfied. As an attorney, I was frustrated and very depressed. To put it bluntly, I didn't like my life and saw no way that things were going to improve. Have you ever had a job where you dreaded going toe work most days where you felt the weight of the world on your shoulders each day? Well, that's how I felt. I was literally bunched over and in pain, both physically and emotionally. I look much older than my years. I began to get headaches all the time on my stomach was constantly churning. Fearing that I had some serious health problem, I saw some doctors and they ordered a battery of tests. Every test came back with same result. They couldn't find anything physically wrong with me. One off the doctors suggested that I take my logs to come. My upset stomach spiritually. I was dead. Nothing in my life have much meaning this day. Today, drudgery was also affecting my appearance. Although I was in my late twenties, I looked like I was 40 in the early part ofthe 1985 shortly after I had turned 30 years old, I was burned out on one particular evening while sitting alone in my den. I knew that something had to change, not knowing what to do. I simply said out loud. There's got to be more to my life than this. There's got to be more than this misery. On unhappiness, help comes from an unlikely source. Later that night, I was watching TV in the den. It was around one AM on my wife. Dollars had already gone to bed, but I was feeling sore down. I couldn't sleep. I channel served looking for something to occupy my time. I turned in tow all of things and inform article anomaly. I would have changed the channel in a fraction off a second, but for some reason I listened. The product being peddled. Wass called the Mental Bank on was endorsed by actress Florence and the son ofthe Bready Bunch fame. The mental bank was a home study course that explained how everything we achieve in life is based upon our subconscious beliefs. I felt order spread at that point that I decided to go for it. I pulled out my credit card and ordered the programme. That night in my den was the turning point of my life. By the way, when I sheepishly told dollars what I had done a day or two later, she was shocked you did what? She as an amazement. It's not that she objected to purchase. It was just so out of character for me to buy something like that on impulse and voice. Yet from a TV in for Mikel several days later, the mental bank programme arrived on my doorstep and I was fascinated and excited to begin learning how are thought to mine the quality ofthe our lives. Prior to that time, I had never heard these ideas. Unfortunately, they don't teach you this stuff in school. The mental bank programmes pulled me to seek out a bill Motivational resources. I began to read books by Napoleon Hill, Ogg Mandy No Norman, Winston Peel and Robert's Cooler. I started reading the Bible on a regular basis and I eagerly listened to inspiring all your programmes by zigzag yl yl nightingale, Jim Ron, Bob Proctor On many others, I felt like a person who banded for days in the desert with a parched throat and then suddenly found a stream of water. Now I can tell you that everything in my life changed overnight because it didn't happen that way. But from the moment I began to change from one negative attitude tow a positive attitude. I started to get significant results. I felt better. I have more energy and I started to achieve goals that I would never have accomplished the full Oh, because off a change in my attitude, I'm also happy to report that when people now asked how old I am and I say 57 the invariably reply, You look much younger, it's all in the attitude.