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Demo REEL English Publicity
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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
an zero. Hey, sweetie. Hey mom. You know what the Quebec gin is on sale this week at the S. A. T. Oh yeah. It's gonna be so great for the zoo meetings at the S. A. T. We are there for you and for the local producers. The associate always there when it counts. Hey, I know you are tired of being told who you are and who you should be by publicity is like me. Well, I will tell you straight up. I have something to sell to you and it won't change the person that you are. That being said. It can make you smell really good. The perfume that never lies. How are you? What's happening right now is not simple for everyone Before doing anything you could regret. Call us 1888. I'm listening. I found a child on the side of the road. He was covered in an immaculate white sheet. The only light in this rocky desert. He wasn't talking, he wasn't crying. He seemed almost dead. But even a few meters from the invent without even having seen his shiny eyes. Yet his big eyes that were so blue. They seemed almost black. A blue so deep. You wouldn't believe any light could have passed through. I could tell that he was alive. No, that he was going to live. This child was calling me and I couldn't do anything but walk to him an zero