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of the creative flow, fully embrace your creative power and change the world while you do it by an zero poor mama contribution is a human need. We are born to give ra goddess acknowledgement. Thank you to my daily inspirations. Rock goddess, marry folio Elizabeth Gilbert, Brandy Brown, Daniela ferrier, Gabby Bernstein, Eckhart, Tolle Oprah steven press field. Thank you for all the joy and the hope that you put into your work. Thank you Lori TOBA and God for allowing me to express and live life to the fullest introduction. What is creativity for you? You probably opened this book because you would love to be more creative or perhaps you'd like to understand the mystery of creativity. Maybe you're just curious thinking that it can't be a waste of time to dig in into this subject. Maybe you know, you have an artist inside of you that only wants to express. But for some reason, nothing comes out when you're sitting by yourself dreaming you have this little voice who says that can't be all I'm here to share. I'm here to create. I'm here to connect to myself and others. Well, let me tell you that you are absolutely right, you are here to share. And I'll take every word of this book. I'll take my energy and my love to tell you how much you need to follow this voice when I was a kid. I used to think that my mom was the most creative person on earth during mornings on weekends, we would sit around the kids table. She would bring us some colored cardboard some paint glue brushes and we would make something a mask, an object, a little animal and then we would play with it. I was so shocked about the fact that the thing we made and we were playing with a used to not exist and now it does. No one had held or seen this very precise object before that day. And now it is there to be held and seen. We took different materials that were separated, we put them together. We were creating something as simple as that. Well in some way, creativity can be as simple as that. There are multiple inspirations that surround you all the time. The things you see touch, feel hear whether their material or material are seen, touched failed and heard by other people too. But the very mix of all of them and the reaction they create inside you according to who you are. What's your story? What's your strength? What's your weaknesses? What's your passions and how you relate those different ideas to the world. This is only you you are the person who can do this beautiful, crazy and new mix of all those inspirations now it is yours to define what creativity is for you. I know what it is for me, Freedom, healing, accepting, letting go sharing. Getting yourself caught up into the present moment. But my definition doesn't have to be yours. That's the beauty of life were different as the forest best survivors when diverse biodiversity coexists we as humans need or differences. No one in this human life holds the truth. And if that last sentence doesn't suit you, you can close the book now, you don't need to read more because this whole book is about accepting that the flow of life is ever changing and creativity is a way to express this flow. Neither creativity nor its definition can be owned. I'm not here to tell you what it is. I'm here to share my experience of it. Please take my words for what it is a single experience that has the possibility to help you build your own experience of it Now, why are people obsessed about creativity? I think it is because people who live it experiences something that is hard to describe. And from the outside view, it is very interesting. Have you ever seen someone being in that flow that very high and precise concentration where you can feel their being is taking part of something higher. There is no doubt that every time I see this type of precise concentration around me, I stop and observe. I'm so curious about that state of mind. Where does all that beauty come from? I often say that you don't entirely know someone until you see them in that state, because it is the manifestation of the higher self in some way, when you touch that place inside you and share it to the world with no self consciousness, no control about the way you present yourself, you just are you don't care about the circumstances that usually rule your life, you are just being And this my friend is one of the most amazing things I ever saw happen to others. And to me, I'm not saying that for you to feel bad if it's never something you experienced, I'm sharing it because I know the way to get there can be a tough road full of insecurities, vulnerabilities and doubts, but it is so worth it. And I'm absolutely convinced that if that's what you want to experience in this life, you'll get there to that point of overflowing abundance that comes from the heart, deconstruction of the myth and why creativity is our natural state. So there's something really weird about the fact that some people think that they can't be creative. Like this is untouchable. I don't think this belief is true. I also don't think it serves us as a society. I've been working as an artist for a couple years now, a lot of time when I share my experience with people, I get this reaction that actually sets us apart. Like if I was being different from them, that I come from the very mysterious categories of humans that are related to artists. I often get I would love to be creative, but I can't, what I think to be true is creativity is our nature, you own creativity from the time you were born, it was gifted to you because you are human meaning. If you are a human being, I would not be worried about your creativity at all. And you know why I think that because it is the exact reason why we're still alive today as a species. The fact that you're creative or not creative is not personal. It's not even related to you. It's been worried in your brain for thousands of years. Who was the strongest in nature, certainly not us. But we were able to build stories, tell a community, let them learn from it and make common sense of it. We were able to take different objects from nature, put them together and make something new to solve a problem that was life threatening? We were able to organize ourselves in groups offer learning and protection to the community. This in itself is also very creative regarding the fact that humans can be cruel and to get along with each other needs a lot of resilience and inner powers over history. We have tons of problems, but we are still here because we are crazy. Natural creatives. Have you seen Children play? Have you seen how they can invent stories, build worlds, put together things that initially had no connection whatsoever and do it So naturally, have you seen how all Children do it if they are comfortable enough in their environment and not looking to protect themselves from outside dangers. Have you seen how they are automatically So inventive? What I mean is if you offer an environment to Children where they are not fighting for their own survival and security, they will be creative. They will be artists. And who do you think you are? Do you think you were born an adult? Have you forgotten that part of yourself that was playing on the ground? Not so long ago. I mean, even if you were a child, let's say 70 years ago, it is still so short. In terms of history, 70 years ago is a blank of an eye. Another 70 years is about to pass in the blink of an eye. Whether you're there or not, it is your shot to take the time that has been offered to you and do what fuels your soul, your own beliefs around creative expressions. Alright, let's dig into something delicate. If you're not creative right now or you know, you could be a lot more then you gotta have some blockages. Something that stops you. I don't think it's too far a stretch for me to say. I would love this book to help you. I can't promise it. Well, because well, honestly, it comes back to you. But if you can get one idea from it. One new angle, this has the possibility of growing into something that will impact your life. So what do I mean by blockages? Well, let's picture a room together. A big beautiful room. Whatever that means to you. In the middle of this room. There is a wall of bricks. The wall is almost completely closed to the other side of the room. But if you approach from the bricks, you can see there are tiny holes that let you see the other side of the room. And through those tiny holes you can see there's no rooftop on that side. On the other side of the room, it is open to the sky which is blue, sunny and infinite until this day. It is very hard for you to see the other side. But you have no doubt of his existence, even if you can't see, you can hear the birds singing out there. There's a life out there and if you can't hear it, your heart feels it, your heart knows something exists out there. Don't lie to me. I know! Well, those bricks are your blockages. This wall is what blocks you from accessing something that already exists within you. The whole room is already yours. On the other side, there is your dreams of expressions. There is a you that is free beyond the material world. For some people, once they consciously realize the existence of the full room, they will manage to get a mass and put down the wall in a day. Boom, They have access to the full sky. But then it's a whole mess to clean up. There is dust everywhere, they might feel extremely energized and alive, but also probably a little confused for some others, they're more meticulous. They will get that very little instrument that allows them to take out one brick at a time from the wall. It will take them months or even years. But once it's done, they gradually get so used to the fresh air that comes from the other side that they don't question it. It is their natural state. Everything is clean around them because they took care of it one day at a time. Honestly, my friends, there is no good or bad way. This is the idea around D. I. Y. Life. Do it yourself, try it. And if you feel confused, if you realize you've been too fast at putting down the wall, trust that you're going to learn what you need to learn and that you'll find your way back or should I say you'll find your way forward. So what's your own beliefs around creative expressions? What's the wall of bricks that doesn't allow you to express? Let's check in who's this for? Do you have a feeling that whoever is considered an artist or whoever expresses themselves creatively is different from you? Is this a reality you've been building for yourself until this day? Do you mentally put a distance between that person and yourself? Put a timer and Joel know about it for five minutes. Do some automatic writing. Don't think too hard, be honest. There is no one who's going to read it, but you and honesty to where you're at is just the first step to any change forward. Go the judgment of others and how it kills your flow. Take a look at how you see other people's creations. Are you ready to cheer up whenever there's creative expression going on or can you see yourself talking with your friends like oh wow, she's trying to make it in the world. But this is ********. Do you consider some art expressions nobler than others? Do you rank them internally here? I'm not talking about personal opinions. We all have preferences. There are some people that I profoundly love who they are and I'm very administrative of how they take their place in the world, how they have the courage to put themselves as positive leaders. But when it comes to their art, I don't like it. This is personal preference. It's normal but personal preferences are not the truth. This is not universal judgment. Personal preferences are exactly why what you'll say and how you'll say will touch some people and one touch others. This is basic differences that make the world so rich. But when you don't like something, do you really believe that this thing is not worth attention at all? I invite you to have a look at your own behavior in the thoughts around other people's work because there's no way you'll be free flowing in your own expression. If you're constantly criticizing others thinking that this is the truth, There's no way and you know why? Because if you first start to do something creative, there is I don't know, 95% chances that what you create first won't be as good as your picture in your mind's eye. Maybe you'll get super lucky and the thing you thought about for years will suddenly come out of you the exact same way you imagined it. Yes, maybe it is part of the possibilities. And if it happens, I'll be the first to cheer you up. It would be awesome. But it's more likely that you won't think that your first work of art is genius. This is okay. Never let that stop you. This is not our focus here or focus is to reconnect to what is true to ourselves and let the flow be a flow. Let's take five minutes to pause and journal about it when it comes to judging other people's creative work. Do you place yourself as the Holy Spirit? Who knows everything? Hmm Be honest. You have no time to lose. Remember our life is a blank of an eye. Better be sincere and have fun, comparacion, Comparing is another juicy one. I'll kick this off as simply as I can comparison is venom as I previously said and what I think to be true. No one is the very special mix that you are, No one has the exact same experiences. No one has the same strength sensibilities, capacities, and ways of seeing the world that you have. No one in this world can steal your originality or your oneness. Let me repeat that. No one in this world can steal your originality or your oneness. No one can be who you are. Comparison gives a fake sense of reality. If no one can be who you are. How in this holy world can you compare yourself to any other person? Be inspired by others? Yes. Get pumped up by their victories. Because if it exists for others, it means it can exist for you. It means that in this world there is a possibility you accomplish those things you're so inspired by but never dig that hole of I should be there by now, just like her or he has it because he's better. This is a mentor, you are better than this thought. This thought is not you. Whenever this kind of thinking comes to mind, I challenge you to start doing something a bit crazy. For example, when I get too much in my mind around negative ideas of compassion control or judgments, I put on some music and I dance or I sing or I leave everything and go for a run and if I'm around other people like colleagues, family or friends and I can't be that weird person who starts singing in the middle of a conversation. I put my attention on my breathing one breath after the other four seconds in four seconds retained four seconds out. Four seconds retained you commit to this breathing a couple of times and I can promise you that you'll feel more connected to your body. Honestly, you could do anything that gets you out of your mind who's constantly trying to protect you. You can say thank you, but no thank you. What would you do if this thought of compassion pops up in your mind, be creative? Everything is good. If it works for you, write it down, commit to it. Why me? If it's all been done, how important is my creative expressions? Okay, please forgive me for repeating what I said a couple of lines before, but honestly, I think it's worth it because it's a hard idea to get in. Apparently you need to hear a new idea three times before your brain war, is it for real? So, I'll make sure to do that for you in this little book. You are as a full human being, a very special mix of inspirations and experiences. You are a world in itself. No one can ever share the way you'll share it. Your creative expression has the possibility to open someone else's world to a new reality. You have the power to free other people through the sharing of your experiences. Isn't it? Crazy? Beautiful. If you're not convinced by now, I'll try something else. Sometimes talking about the worst case scenario helps picture, that you have nothing to lose. Okay, let's say you create something and no one enjoys it. Well, my friend, it will still change lives because it will change yours and the people that love you, Why am I so convinced about that? Well, when you let go, even for a moment of all that pressure that the world puts on you and get really focused on one task, What's happening there? I believe you're letting out blocks of energy that wall of bricks. We were talking about just the soul itself. You're taking inner traumas, heavy energy, bad experiences and sometimes also very beautiful experiences and you're transforming it into something elevating. Even if what you're creating is the darkest of your soul. You still made the very courageous decision of putting that energy out of you. And there's some people that will see your work of art and will say, wow, I'm not alone in this world. There's someone out there who carries the same heaviness. There is a possibility for me to find people like me who can understand it will change the life of people who love you because you'll stop putting that energy on them, your creative expression, whatever form it takes has the power to bring love in this world. We're only as free as the people who surround us. Do you want that for yourself? Don't you want that for the people that you care most about. Freedom love inspiration piece creating for me is like meditating. If you really concentrate on one task that absorbs you, you're kind of meditating the fact that you practice your brain to live more in the present moment. Will also allow other people around you to be more in the present moment, which is a gift to the world. The present moment is like a vortex. Once you're in it, you can't escape. It feels so natural to realize that all that we have is here and now, second after second, the more you live out of your head and in the present moment, the more you'll be a magnet for people because everyone wants to get in touch with that part of themselves who is actually alive. This is what you allow for people around you by being yourself in the reality of the Now, this is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to anyone, why the world deeply needs people to embrace their creativity, problem solvers, what happens if I mix those two ideas? I think we can all agree that the world needs a lot of solution seekers right now. I'm not only talking about engineers and texts, I'm also talking about economists, urban planners, scientists, specialists of human resources artists who want to imagine a new world and share it with their community for all of us who want to build a new world that is more equal, just safe, sustainable and inspiring. We need to have this creative skill. We need to be able to see a problem and think about solutions that have never been found before in every possible field, there is out there, the world is changing rapidly and solutions are popping up every day. But sometimes it takes a bit of a crazy mind to think about them, a mind that is used to not see things in a linear way, a mind that is used to ask, but what if, what if I put this thing with that thing? What would happen? The world needs minds that are curious enough to not second guess their out of box ideas and that are free from their egos enough to put those ideas on the table. This doesn't happen overnight. This is hard work to get yourself out of the ego, to get yourself out of the fear of being rejected, to feel strong enough to be able to share views and ideas that are still shaky, practice a little bit every day. Let the flow get outside of you dance, sing, write, paint built, cook, whatever it takes to get to that place of fun and joy that allows you to stop judging yourself everything that exists now was once an idea, you know those crazy inventions in human history that changed the course of humanity, Everything that surrounds you right now was once an idea in someone's head or maybe it is a huge mash up of different ideas that lead to that thing you see or use every day, but you get my point, this is pure creativity at work. Whatever exists in your mind can exist in the world, take it or leave it. The capacity to dream and invent is one of the most needed skill right now because the world is in such a crisis, we need to go through many changes in a short period of time and our capacity to adapt is stretched to the maximum allowing ourselves to dream of another world is for me the first step to getting there. Because once you're allowed this dream to be part of the possibility your brain will start to pick up all the clues that can get you there, you'll make decisions around the realization of this dream one step at a time. We can do this. How your creative expression is part of global peace, that part of yourself that needs to let go, even if you are not inventing something that will change the world. The fact that you commit to creativity and expression is bringing high men's good to your community, you are releasing energy that would otherwise be stuck. You are allowing yourself to be present to your surroundings, to the people you love to their circumstances and opportunities that are important for you. There are tons of studies that talk about releasing your deepest wounds through creative expressions and returning to that inner child who only wanted to love and play. I won't list them all here because I won't pretend I'm a academician. If you want to go deeper on that subject, I strongly recommend that you get more info on art therapy and how it can add value to your life. But basically you're well intentioned and free expression is peace. Whatever the result is, we are not here for the result. We already know the last station of this life. It will never be a surprise to anyone. We are here for the journey. We are here to heal ourselves and by healing ourselves, we are healing others. I can guarantee you that if you seek and find that place in yourself that is free and out of shame, you will bring so many people around you on that journey. The ripple effect is infinite. And at the end of your days you'll be able to say I've been a leader for love. I've been a leader for peace. Never let fear lead again. There are some people around me who say I'm scared. I'll do it when I'm less scared. Let me say what I believe is an ugly truth. Feel will never completely leave you please in the name of your own very precious and beautiful life full of endless possibilities. Experiences and love. Don't wait for fear to vanish before taking action. This will simply not happen. Sat with your fear. Talk with that inner child or that adult. Take time to listen and not give a hug, rub her back. Say thank you, I hear you, I love you. Thanks for trying to protect me. You are my friend but I can never let you lead the way. Say it out loud. Fear will never lead the way you you're beautiful, courageous and bold self is leading the way. five steps that can lead you to creative freedom. Step one Trick Yourself. Every time you're getting too serious about this trek yourself change any situation where you are not happy about the outcome into something funny, then set out to write it down, make it seem like you were a kid for a couple of minutes and then come back to work with that light heart step to forgive yourself. Whatever you're experiencing is part of the journey. Don't ever try to fight what is already existing. This is a waste of your time. What exists exists except and let go forgive yourself for any hard thoughts you could be having around your reality and capacities. The more you'll embrace what is there without judgment, the more it will pass faster and flow into another state. Step three share, share it. Even if it's not perfect, even if it's not good, share it with trusted friends to your partner or share it to the wider world, accept their reactions and non judgment. Remember why you're doing this, this is not for the end result, it is for the journey. It is for more peace, it is for more love. Step four, Calm & Train, carve yourself some calm time between creative sessions. It is possible that what you put out there provoke some deep reactions into your system. Take it, cheer healing isn't always sweet as candy, but it is so so worth it. Train yourself to that level of vulnerability, embrace the authenticity it brings to your life, You do good, you do perfect, go out and walk, go for a run, do some yoga, move yourself a bit, whatever feels right, Energy will move through, You know, energy can be stuck in you if you don't allow it. Step five, repeat practice and patience, repeat this on a regular basis, and know from the bottom of your heart that what you do will lead you to enter freedom and peace embrace chaos. All of this. My friend is to finally say, embrace chaos. It is okay to feel lost at some points. It is okay to feel vulnerable. You'll sometimes feel very strong, sometimes very weak. Nothing is you forever. Everything passes. And that's the beauty of life. You are alive