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These three clips come from my own writing. One is from a children's book, one has a little Spanish, and the other is from a guided meditation.

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from classroom chronicles by Annette M Roush. My s on bilingual students always wanted to know my ethnic background where I was from and where I had learned spanish. I would explain that as a foreign service brat. I didn't really have a from as I like to say, but that my father was american. My mother was german. I was born in France and I began learning spanish when we lived in Guatemala because both of my parents were U. S. Citizens. When I was born with my father in the service of the US government, I was granted U. S. Citizenship. So I would joke that I was half american and half german by blood, 100% American and 100% French by birth. One day Pedro who was not happy about being brought to the US by his parents, told a classmate right in front of me Todos Los blancos. I hate white people gee thanks, I said to him, so you hate me! He responded, You're not white, you're french meditation. Take a deep breath releasing tension as you exhale, visualize a radiant light above your head, connecting you with the creator. As you inhale again, deeply mentally draw that light down into your heart and as you exhale, see it spread through your body, filling your head and torso, spreading down your arms and into your hands down your legs and into your feet with your next deep inhale, pull the energy of the earth up through your feet, allowing it to ground you and as you exhale, feel yourself centered and balanced. Now focus on your heart center, know that this is your connection to the love of the creator, allow that love to permeate your being as you are held in the loving arms of the creator relax into it knowing that you are completely and unconditionally loved returning to the understanding that from Yasha and the magic groundhog by Annette Damrosch. Days passed and then weeks and Yasha slowly forgot the groundhogs warning. He began to want only to use up the wishes quickly. Now Yasha was a somewhat selfish young man and did not often think of other people's needs. He loved his parents and worked hard for his father but he did not think of other ways to make his parents happy. One day Yasha had to work three times as hard as usual because his father was ill that night. He was terribly tired and his muscles act. He groaned and moaned and he wished the work could be done overnight all by itself. This was his first wish but he did not realize that he had used it. The next day Yasha went out to work and found that it had all been done. However, he had made the wish out of selfishness and not out of thoughtfulness for his father because of this, Yasha became ill. His sickness made his muscles ache as if he had done all the work himself remembering the groundhogs warning. Yasha realized what had happened. He was sorry for being selfish and he and his father soon we're well again.