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This section tells the story of the disciples after the crucifixion of Jesus.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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now what these words are repeated over and over. That's about all anyone saying. And I'll admit I'm getting tired of it tonight. We have questions, but not only that we keep asking the same question. And the worst part this question comes with no answers. For the first time in three years were without him. There were times I remember being confused, but he was always there to sort it out for us. But tonight, during the most difficult time in our entire lives, he's gone. Tonight is different tonight. We even act peculiar. Peter. The once fearless disciple checks and rechecked all the doors, making certain they're bolted for our safety. He's making sure no one's getting in or out thomas and Philip peer out the window. Everyone wants to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to us that just happened to him after tonight. None of us will be the same and hushed tones. Peter pulls me aside and whispers fervently john do you think they're coming after us too? These men didn't stop until they murdered him. I'm sure something else is going on in Jerusalem tonight and it won't be good. Better. I don't know. They did try to capture all of us in the garden, but then they gave up. Why? I don't know. Who knows why they didn't chase us until they caught us. They had opportunities to get me later, but didn't nobody can know what's going to happen next this much. I do know the unexpected keeps happening. We didn't see any of this coming. one thing I see clearly. He's not here when I need him most. He's not here. And I stare at the floor wanting some solitude. But Peter is extremely jumpy. I've never seen him unnerved like this. Of course, none of us have ever been like this, whatever this is.