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Hey, ladies and gentlemen, this is Jonathan Armbrister. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my voice over demo kicking, but his mandatory taken names is optional. Choose a career where honor, courage and sheer intimidation are part of the job description. Check out the Life Accelerator and navy dot com or call 1 800 USA Navy Navy. Accelerate your life. Let's go! Fire of the burners, boys, We got bogeys on our six minute about the awful waypoint Phoenix out. You can call them icons of the rap game. Just don't call them old school because their music is classic hip hop in honor of Black Music Month New York one features rap stars of the eighties and nineties sole survivors Hip hop Addition. A four part series continues this Saturday. Next time I see you, you ain't gonna be so lucky. Normally, I don't like to mix business with pleasure but to kill you. I'll make an exception the way I see we got an arrangement that you re arrange. I don't like that. You know what happens to people who do things I don't like. Atlanta is the hip hop capital of the world which means a lot of young artists trying to climb their way into rap royalty. But for this group, there's one person their lives calling all the shots, their moms, with your futures on the line every day, you never know what's gonna happen. FAMILY Swagger Atlanta