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Commercial Demo

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Voice Over • Radio Ad


Commercial demo for radio/television ads. Also show cases range for video narration, documentaries, etc.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)


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imagine a world where potty training is fun, fast and easy, only bullets Disney graphics fade when wet to teach big kids to stay dry. So they're motivated to keep the music going. A T and T puts you and your world first with right to you. Same day delivery and phone set up wherever you are. You first A T and T. You ever get the feeling you're being watched? Well maybe you are hackers can steal anything from your device, even your financial info. That's why Norton 3 60 includes a VPN for online privacy device, security and more Keep prying eyes out. Go to Norton dot com. Fall marks. The return of school and homework this year is different this year. You realize your eight year old daughter is better at math than you are. Hopefully the pumpkin spice pancakes and new apple ring pancakes with slices of gala apples and creamy cinnamon, apple butter will distract her from your mathematical shortcomings. And if you're lucky, she'll help you figure out the tip. I hop eat up every moment