Arsham Farasat demo

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During my time at Vancouver Film School, we took an extensive course on voice acting, this is the culmination of the skills I learned and places where I am comfortable, there are bits of audio of all different types from commercial or audio book to animation.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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our sham. Farzad Help! Oh, I think we have found her. Yes, but where could she be? Isaacs. That she's behind this rock mafia. Can you hear us? Yes, I can. I fell from up here and I got stuck behind this rock Cannibal is thinking about a movie that's chopped up in his head, some black and white movie he saw on cable TV, where hard boiled waitresses in olden times slung hash and some roadside diner because cannibals thinking about how they pop their chewing gum. These waitresses, who they smack their chewing gum while they yelled, Give me slaughter on the pen and let the blood fall. The knife, they yelled. Give me an order. A first lady with a sad and nervous put in for all that, and more, I feed my dog Nature Special menu. All natural dog food with no artificial colors or flavors. Nature Special menu. All natural dog food sold at PetSmart. Come one. Come all. Step up to the Big Hat Circus and be captured by the sounds of roaring lions, the smell of freshly popped popcorn and the most magnificent sights you've ever seen. That's right, Big hat, Circus time again at Mystique Park. Grab your friends and family and be prepared to be amazed. This year, there's a special guest that has never been seen before in the big hat ring, and you don't want to miss it. We hope to see you soon. Do you see 1 a.m. 2 a.m. Three AM or even four AM every morning. Put your insomnia to bed with nocturnal rest. All natural sleep aid. Four business hopefuls are selected to pitch their business ideas to a panel of business executives. One of them will leave the boardroom with cash in hand to kick start their business. All this and more on Amazon Prime Marcia's Sanders was the to an American civics when she approached Cannibal because he was still only in the seventh grade and because she knew he'd never say no because he was too stoned on puberty. She's all You like my hair, don't you? Her head rolls to swing her hair like a spaghetti cape, and she goes, This is the longest my hair has ever been