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Halloween Special Audio Drama at Big Finish Productions. (First Voice to Speak)

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British, US General American (GenAm)


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Yeah. Uh huh. Thank you. But it's too late for you now. You should have gone while you had the chance. I thought I told you to leave. No, no, no, no, no. Who the **** is this? This is why I said we had to leave. And you didn't think to tell me you were the one who said this place was empty? Yeah, Well, what's going on here? You don't know what he's done. I haven't done anything. I had to defend myself. Doubt that there were no signs of a break in. And trust us, we have noticed. Please me. Just get me out of here. I'll explain everything. I promise. Don't go anywhere near him. Seriously. I was lucky to get him tied up as it is. She's lying. I'm the victim here. You can see that. She tied me up and gagged me and **** knows what she's planned to do next. Just untie me. Please let me go. Then I'll leave. He's lying. Just go. Please don't. Don't leave me with her. We should get out of here. No! Yes. Go! Get away from here. Forget this ever happened. Leave. She's right. And this is nothing to do with us. Maybe not. But look at him. How did she tie him up like that? He's twice her size. No offence. None taken. There's something going on here, and I don't like it. Says the woman caught breaking and entering. Yeah, well, there's two of us in one of you. Are you threatening me to? Don't. Please. You don't know what she's capable of. I'll be fine. Just go. Are you kidding, Johnny? It's fine. We get outside and then we call the police. And what will you tell them? How do you explain what you were doing here? Well, just go. Come on. I'm sorry. Yeah. Oh, no. That's it. I can't just ignore it. I'm going back for him. Oh, my God. What the **** have you done to him? We barely let you help me. Please. I haven't done a thing. I promise. Yeah, right. So he did this to himself, all tied up. Is that blood? You should leave now. I'm warning you. Last chance. Not without him. Oh, come on, mate. Almost there. Now we'll get you away from here. Uh huh. That's weird. What is these ropes? They're hardly tied up at all. Uh huh. You could have walked away anytime you wanted. We did tell you you should leave. What? The last chance. Sorry. Yeah, yeah. What? Yeah. What's happening? Why am I tied up west? And she's at your feet. Oh, good and unworthy sacrifice. Unlike you know. No. You can't be serious. ****, there's no one here to help you. Not now. We allowed you the chance to leave, but you came back. You both came back one to help an innocent the other to help you. Now both of you shall serve. We thought it right that she should be the one to do it. You came here together. You should leave together on a night such as this All Hallows Eve when the walls between our worlds are so very thin and we can emerge. Angela, are you ready to show him the way? Yes. Mhm. Mm.