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An education councilor counseling the student

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Iam acting as an education counselor I trying to join my Clint .

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, India (Hindi), India (Telugu), Malay


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Hello. Good morning, man. Speaking to a Swedish. Ah, forward in Swedish. I'm from where they do I am Education. Consular? Yes, actually. All go into 10 Standard, you know. Okay, I got your mail from our for taking classes for taking to you need to ocean for Max. Science and social studies is right. Okay, So there's you what's your full name? So these are very, very good name. I like your name Very much. Nice names on these. Okay. S o this gog. I'm in education. Counsellor. I told you my name is Gino. I give you Phoenicians. Carriers were spare a little time with me. Okay. Thank you. Think this is your personal number while your daddy number dark number. Okay, But if I'm far, if that's what the issue is that you take, you take safe. Okay? Don't go outside. We thought any resurgence. Okay, stay safe. Okay. First of all, I will say about the way down to within two easy, popular, popular, very, very popular or lane teaching software. That means specialty off until he's, um, we are giving online glasses foreign in all 90 languages in all Indian languages. Example Hindi on also summer. Tell him. Go, Molly Carnera and all of the languages. Okay. You understand you understanding the cities? If you have to speak in your language, I know I will speak. Okay, Don't worry. If you don't understood, you say just stop. Okay? I will. I will reply you because I'm just a little bit faster. Okay? Okay. Who are they? Learn your whole father, mother. And you want to study? Still, which cost? It's frustrating for standard. Okay, Very nice. Okay. See the wild card, Neil? Yes. Okay. Okay. So the main specialty overhead onto these we are giving. We're giving in their two languages in two classes in the English tumble. So they're people, so students can understand it more easily. That's only the no no other soft places providing. They're only just give classes in India. Needed English, mainly. So we're giving all languages that someone made specialties and and our second speciality Well, father, is if your friends, if you wear this would issue is your close friend in your school, they'll say Okay, they will use their pool. Close friend, if you're able has to join with your life class, you can call him also enjoying with no problem. So you got company? You got company with him? Okay. So no other come. No other causes no other common cars off storeys doing like that. It's a weird unto his priority. You like you like that If you like, they go very much and review as to join with you. You can you can connect with him also. You can study on. The teacher would study work with two both off you. So you have got company. You can ask any doubt to human he can asking it out to you and teacher can talk more to you so you could come in any under you. Can you say another real friendly course front? So three letter is under friend You three lead also can come to you And you both three can work together. Get off me that also no other, no other. Any app has awarded this much specialties that zone And another way you can pay fees is instrumentals. So you don't like to be other like courses? Ladas Off days other up like immediately. Well, anyone like to lead the way have priority instalment. Okay, We didn't do 1 76 months is way, way down After six weeks according to our cash in hand, we applauding that way are free class class which time you we can't use another lease which time you need. You can use that time if you wantto new time. If you wantto take class on after seven o'clock after it gives you get play class on after 7 p.m. to be able to Okay, that's all under specialties. Okay, that's seven Marines were killed. They were don't very You're very always with you. We're Nanto is always with you After you hire study after you attend. If you're confused youto take over Plus two it's a help you because we understood you are level off level off teaching which saw and we know which subject you like. So we will help youto take which subject we always with you. I went after your degree also Viel subject you. It'll take So the doctor also told me I don't know. It's not just here. We are always with you. Let a friend okay Just think that you're a friend, but underneath your friend Okay, So history Thanks for a lot of time talking with us OK, I will call after two days placing about us on DH. I think over for for student sortie will say I am. Will you please? I will call after two days. Okay. Tell your dad about the details on Shawn and I am mailing the PT off and pictures. Okay, we have, but we're providing a lot of beautiful while taking classes were probably not a beautiful through these immediate videos on. So just go to the language. You see many, many videos. Okay. You like that show? Look here, take up. So these okay, take a Swedish by. I will call it off the two days.