Bonus Character Demo-An addendum to the character list!



An addendum to the already too many characters on my Character Demo!

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Indian (General) North American (General) North American (US Upper Midwest - Fargo, Minnesota) Russian


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Are you having trouble finding just the right voice for your projects then you need robin Brooke. 501 out of 500 people surveyed for casting ailments that they use robin Brooke again. I remember waiting and waiting for a versatile voice talent to come along and I waited and I waited and the calla lillies bloomed and I waited and all of a sudden years had passed and I had waited so long for a decent voice talent that I was in turtlenecks and yelling. The loon norman the loon. Hey, I ain't no room. What do you think? Are you Dharma Sultan? Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Oh honey, you're a blonde. Alright me. Why? I suppose I'd have to say I'm a blonde with a brunette mentality. Like I told shamus, if we hadn't hired that girl to do the advert for old man police week, fewer people with a showed and then there would have been more whiskey for us. Well look for the irish. I to Robin, I didn't care how she accented her syllables. As long as my advertisement for Emma's nasal annihilate ear's were sure to make me nodes of money and make me break churned. Hit that car. What's keeping them on mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all? Well, now that Robin is the voice behind my new mirror. Oh yeah, I am beautiful and even more beautiful. Sometimes I tell myself that if I could not be so, how do you say french? That I would not be so picky, but I am french and therefore picky. And that is where I prefer the voice of Robin Book. I gotta tell you I wouldn't hurt a flea because uh, well, I am a flea. But when I heard Miss Robin was voicing a commercial for a major plague cholera, I hopped the nearest greyhound out of town. Robin showed me within 10 minutes how to achieve a sultry, sexy, more relaxed sound. And soon I was getting job offers left and right, mostly for phone work. But that's another story. So if your world is like a circus, oh, topsy turvy and upside down with who to call and get that voice project done, simply call it a to free yourself from sleepless nights and casting ailments. Call Robin Brooke. Now for fast relief. Side effects may include financial gain, laughter, entertainment relief. Nirvana chest hairs and an increase in sales not approved by the FDA. C A U. D. Or P T A. Mm