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This reel contains emotions and character types I'm proficient with. In order:
Everyday Joe, Radio show host, Soldier, Evil overlord, Psychopath, Viking raider.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Samuel Bigly. Hey, man, just going to see if you want to grab some pizza later. They're they're giving away free arm with every drink you buy. It's pretty sweet. Good evening, Night City. We've got a premium performance lined up for you. Find folks tonight starring none other than samurai featuring the vocal talents of Johnny Silver Hand and Carry Your Odin. Stay tuned for the performance of a lifetime after a quick word from our sponsors. So then who's to blame? Commander? Who am I supposed to blame for the death of the science for James's death? No, no, This is on your head, Commander. Hear me and tremble. Lesser creatures for your annihilation has arrived and I am. It's Harbinger. I'm gonna kill every single one of you. Revel in your holy slaughter. Rip in Taman Break them! Break all of them