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Spiderwick Chronicles

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Stepping into the woods, Jared felt a slight chill. The air was different, full of the smell of green things and fresh dirt. But the light was murky. He and Mallory stepped through the tangles of Jewell we and passed thin trees heaped with vines. Somewhere above them, a bird started calling, making a harsh sound like an alarm beneath their footsteps. The ground was slickers, moss twigs snapped as they passed, and Jared heard the distant sound of water. It was a streak of brown, and the small owl settled on a low branch, its head cocked toward them as it bit into the small limp mouse in its claw. Mallory pushed through the knot of bushes, and Jared followed tiny birds caught on his clothes and in his hair. They sidled around the crumbling trunk of a fallen tree swarming with black ants. There was something different about his vision. With the stone in place, everything was brighter and more clear, But there was something else, too. Things moved in the grass in the trees, things he couldn't quite see but was aware of. For the first time. Face is made of bark and rock and moss that only he saw for an instant. It was as though the whole forest was alive