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in severe asthma. The inflammation becomes chronic, resulting in worsening pathology and symptoms. Acute and chronic inflammation together cause airway remodelling, goblet cell growth in sale size and cell number Increased smooth muscle on mucous hyper secretion. Multiple myeloma is one of the 20 commonest malignant conditions involving tumours. The name itself pretty much says it. Bone marrow tumours on more than one of them. It means there is a malignant degeneration of the plasma sales at multiple locations in the bone marrow. These cells normally have a key role to play in the body's defence against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Think of it this way. We already provide information about benefits and risks when it comes to drugs with this sort of profile. For some patients, segments are drug like optimal presents problems because it exposes them to potential risks that are especially concerning for them. So if we're able to help mitigate that risk with a reams that helps doctors safely prescribe are medication on that effectively communicates risk to patients, it solves the problem for everyone involved were helping to ensure safe use Well. Severe asthma is complicated because the definition of severe asthma has varied over the years. If we go back to the idea of control, we can ask, Are the patient's symptoms and exasperation sze under control? If yes, then the question is, well, what level of therapy is the patient on? If a patient needs Step four or five to achieve control, the patient has severe asthma.