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Television may be a visual media, but the right voiceover takes a great concept and makes it shine and really resonate with viewers.

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Becky Boyd. In reality, I was just one of the kids, but not to Dad. To him, I was one of a kind, last sort of got used to that. Now, when I find that kind of individual caring and respect, I know I'm in the right place in 2014 are shoppers ate up our Candies like sour patch kids and Swedish fish loving every bite at any occasion. But gum, it got a shrug. In fact, the entire gum category had been in steep decline for five years. You started this company with a passion for great products, and then you got busy, really busy whenever they'd ask. What do you want to be when you grow up? You always knew an astronaut, a dancer, an archaeologist. But that that was the wrong question. The question they should have asked was not what you want to be but who