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Dcumentary African English accent. South African accent.

Voice Over • Documentaries


This is a documentary demo in an African English accent. South african accent and Neutral English

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


East Africa (Ugandan), South African


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
every day. Wild animals lose more of their habitats. We failed at sharing the planet with these incredible creatures and we are at serious risk of losing them on the front line. Conservationists work tirelessly in dangerous positions using extreme techniques. This is Planet Animals. A huge construction project is underway in kenya's capital, Nairobi. They're fixing one of the main freeways. This bridge is due to be torn down. It's located in the impoverished district of Cangemi. The locals here call it the bridge of minor miracles. In 2015, locals reported on the thriving economy on this local bridge. We look at some of the people that do business here. This bustling city has doubled in size every five years since 1950 and recently became the most popular city in all of Africa. Within it, the most richest and desirable minerals on the planet, much of which is left untouched by an enterprising and industrious workforce. The vast population there less than 22 years old, too young to remember the long history of corruption, war and foreign expectation. Yet despite being faced with one of the most challenging conditions in human history, it remains a land of enormous potential. This is kinshasa capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo