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Short Version of Children's Book 3 Little Pigs

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I decided to read a summary of the 3 Little Pigs story and acted out the voices on my own accord. Since I was working as a Preschool teacher for years, reading children's books feels naturally right for me. I am ecstatic to do different voices too.


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Child (5-12)


North American, US West Coast (California, Portland)


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I I'm going to read you the short version off the three Little Pigs story. Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who lived with their mother in the meadow. One day, the mother pigs that to the three little pigs. You need to go out and do the world and make your own way. Now, shoo! Go. Bye Bye now. So they wait goodbye and go into the world. Direct. The pigs decided to build houses near the world. Little that they know a big back muth lift in the woods. He was not happy when he saw the three little pigs building houses nearby. The first little pig was lazy. I'm gonna make my house out of straw. He made it so quick. And then he decided to challenge the big bad Wolf came and knock into their and he said not know. Open the door. You let a biggie and the little pig set. Now give it a try. You're not gonna be able to go inside my house. I made this house out of straw, then the big bad wolf, tough and puff, and he blew it down. The little paint got scared and He ran away Goldie's brother house, which is the second low pick who at that time he finished work a little bit harder than the first big. He made a house out of Wake. The big bad wolf came to them. Still, he's he smell two pigs and it's not delicious again. He knocked on their door. Frank, Not not too little Pigs, come outside. I have a surprise for you showing his banks. TUNEL, Paige scare and fed to the wolf. No, we're not going anywhere. Get out of here Both Our house is so strong, made out of Twig said Big bed, wall, half and puff Oh, this one little heart. Let's try again and guess what? He blew the house down and the two little pigs got really scared. And Nate scream. I want one way. He ran away to their third brother, who lives also nearby. The dirty little paint made a house out of bricks. The big bad wolf came and knocked on their door, and same with the two occurrences before they didn't want to let him in, so he hough and puff and half and half. But the house did not fall down this made the big bad Wolf very, very angry. He went up to the roof and tried to get into the house through the chimney, he climbing to the chimney and split down into a pot of boiling water which was prepare by the third pig brother who now we can assume is the smile of smartness. Pickleball! He ran out of the house and he never came back the end.