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Narration & Instructional Demo

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Voice Over • Elearning


Professional demo recorded at CyberSound in Boston, MA.
Directed, Copy Written by: Angela Castonguay

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


US General American (GenAm)


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Historically, the Japanese have always been a thoughtful and meticulous people, and this is reflected in virtually everything they do and build from there delicate cuisine, carefully combining flavors that nourish and delight to their technology. So innovative and reliable, it has become the envy of the world. Fusion energy is produced when light atoms such as hydrogen let really fuse together. In order for fusion to take place, Adams must face extremely high pressure and temperatures of about 150 million degrees Celsius. This is the point when Adams become completely ionized, essentially melting like an ice cube in the sun. The winds or not, is the king of tie knots. To start, take your wide end over the small end, up in the neck loop and down to the left, then go around the back of the small end to the right, up the center, through the neck loop and down to the right. Still with us. Great. Go across the front of the left, up into the neck, loop and back down through the loop you've just created, then tighten and get ready for the compliments. Time after time. Throughout his career, Bernie Sanders has been criticized for positions only to have history prove him right, like in the 19 nineties, when Sanders opposed don't ask, don't tell policy that kept gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military.