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Young adult documentary - natural, informative, conspiratorial, fun

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This is a piece of informal documentary VO intended for younger audiences. Fun, conspiratorial and engaging without patronising.

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English (British)

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Young Adult (18-35)




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in Japan, knights known a samurai followed a strict code, unless you're a dart, a massive moon, A a ruthless and bad tempered warrior known only as the one eyed dragon. As a young boy, he supposedly plucked his own eye out after it was damaged by smallpox. Masamune, who lived from 15 67 to 16 36 became one of the most feared nights in Japan. He was so violent towards his neighbours, the local lord tried to stop him by kidnapping his father in the rescue attempt. Massimo simply killed his father, along with all the kidnappers, their family's family, pets and anyone else nearby.