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\"Love Match\" by Maggie MacKeever- Audition tape

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Thank you for your time!! Please let me know if you have any suggestions you'd prefer for your narration, I am more than happy to accomodate. I look forward to hearing from you.

-Brooke F.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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The duchess abruptly straightened. The back of her head, collided painfully with the duke's face. Damnation! She gasped, and clasped her hands to her mouth, biting back his own curse just and clasped his wounded nose. There you are! He said, somewhat indistinctly. If you are through taking your constitutional, perhaps we might continue on our way. The wretched man was bleeding, Elizabeth fumbled for her wilted handkerchief, and wished that she might give his injured nose a tweak. She did not dislike her bride groom, but she didn't like him either, and blamed him for the butterflies that had taken up residence in her interior. I am so sorry I did not mean to damage you. Your grace. Elizabeth was tall for a woman as she stood by her bride groom side. Her eyes were on a level with his chin. She stared at that elegant and somewhat imperious article as she obediently inhaled. I wasn't aware I grew travel sick. My man does not approve of daunting about. I have never before written so far in a coach, I assure you. I feel much better now. Her appearance was noticeably improving, her cheeks, growing less green than pink. Justin handed his lady back into the carriage. Then beckoned his coachman. It has been brought to my attention that on roads such as this even the best sprung of carriages must sway. Therefore we will proceed onward at a snail's pace. Consider yourself challenged to set a record for the longest time ever taken to arrive in beth the coachman touched his hat in acknowledgement of the command, and swung up onto his perch Elizabeth settled herself in the carriage, praying her stomach would behave. My man would scold dreadfully when she learned her daughter hadn't even got to bath before, disgracing herself, Elizabeth would cut out her own tongue before she provided my man with the details of this journey. But someone inevitably would thank you guys for your time listening.