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Commercial Demo, including national spots, Lever 2000, Hospital of Central CT, PGA Superstore, Dennys, Tyco and more

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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introducing something new from Lever 2000 Lever 2000 Anti bacterial bar germs on your hands can come from your nose terms, and your ankles can come from your toes. For a century, people in central Connecticut have relied on to extraordinary hospitals New Britain General and Bradley Memorial. Now they can rely on one. The PGA Tour superstore is lowering the price of golfing in Phoenix, and it has everyone talking drew from Scottsdale rights. Not only do they have really low prices, they can improve your game. I found the perfect club after testing several models in a fitting studio that analyzes every aspect of your swing. Once you get a taste of Denny's grand value breakfast, it's hard to get them off your mind. Six choices each a dollar 99 or less like our original Grand Slam breakfast on a get away in Massachusetts, you can hike a bike or sail your way across our beautiful state. But what you remember most are the friends you'll make along the way. It's as easy as tick tack toe put a lot more fun. Toss across, toss across from Tyco