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From snarky to cheerful to encouraging children to AI - this shows E-Learning range.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


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Congratulations. You're now a level two systems analyst for Raytheon. As an employee with secret level access or above, you will be handling sensitive information that you didn't in your last roll defense. Secrets like Why fast food cheeseburgers never decompose. Bend. You'll have access to the alien specimen room. What we thought cling ons were made up. But first, it's time to brush up on HR. Policies and procedures pressed forward to continue HSBC v. A T. Compliance Overview Module one. In this module, you will learn why US based multinationals must comply with foreign V A. T. Regimens. What portion of V A T expenses are tax deductible under I. R s regulations like the next aero to move to the next slide bouncing bass. The fish are flying and it's your chance to show off your math skills. How Maney bass can you catch in 30 seconds? Catch 10 and you'll win a badge. Ready? Go. I'm Paul. Thank you for choosing me as the voice of your Cisco virtual assistant. You'll find that I'm generally warmer and more pleasant to listen to than some of your other options. Especially Mark. He's kind of a jerk. Would you like to hear today's weather whenever possible, Direct customers to self check out kiosks to minimize worker interaction with customers. Established protocols and provide supplies to disinfect frequently touched surfaces in workspaces and public facing areas such as points of sale. For example, wipe down credit card terminals and pens or styluses between each customer. Frequently clean push bars and handles on any doors that do not open automatically.