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Australian English, academic text excerpt

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This is an excerpt from the text \"Concepts of the Self\" by Anthony Elliot; illustrating the relay of academic content to the listener.

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concept of the stuff by ethnic Elliott. The emerging direction of contemporary social theory is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the attention it lavishes on the nature of the self, self identity and individual subjectivity. Questions concerning the social construction of the stealth debates pertaining to the symbolic materials through which individuals we've narratives of, the stealth issues relating to the role that still formation plays in the reproduction or disruption of cultural society. Such questions, debates and issues have become increasingly prominent in social sciences in recent decades. For those working within sociology, for example, topic of the Stealth has provided an opportunity to detail the myriad of ways in which individuals are constituted as identities or subjects who interact in a socially structured world of people, relationships and institutions. The issues at stake in the construction of the self are quite different for feminist writers, who are instead concerned with connecting processes of self formation, two distinctions of gender, sexuality and desire. The challenge for authors drawing from the contemporary conceptions of postmodernism by way of further comparison, is to estimate the degree to which the self, maybe fragmenting or breaking down, as well as accessing the psychological and cultural contours of post modern selfhood. In all these approaches, the turn to the self provides critical perspectives on the present age as well as an important source of understanding concerning transformations of knowledge, culture and society.