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A Potpourri of Commercial Voiceovers

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Voice Over • Radio Ad


A veritable potpourri of commercial copy. The demo includes (0-25s) a commercial read for Lowe's with the sound of a friendly suburban dad, (25-50s) a conversational pet food commercial, (50s-1:04) a more upbeat Jiffy Lube commercial, (1:05-1:23) a Wawa breakfast deal, (1:24-1:39), (1:40-2:01) a FedEx delivery commercial, (2:01-2:15) and an ESPN TV package.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Do you know what I discovered today? Logic. Do you know where I discovered it at? Loads. Lows has made the world of home improvement logical. The three quarter inch bolts are exactly where they say three quarter inch bolts will bay plumbing. Well, everything's in the plumbing. I'll even things I don't think I need for plumbing or in the plumbing aisle. Friends, lows, his logic and maybe a little clairvoyant lose. Really improving home improvement. Mhm. Pet food Could get boring New Day. Same old kibble. Just look at your dog. Oh, that is one sad face. New Purina Perks spikes each meal with riel, beef, salmon, pork, lamb and turkey protein. Healthy, honest flavors with balanced boosts of vitamins and minerals. Purina Perks proudly made in the Yusa. Got a car. Gonna have repairs that could squeeze your wallet dry. So start living the squeeze free life with Jiffy Lube Preventive maintenance program. Jiffy Lube quality car care that keeps your wallet fat and happy. For centuries, mankind has searched for the greatest value at breakfast time and we found it. Now you can get any to wa wa Cicely breakfast sandwiches for just $3. Amazing It's the biggest story in the history of breakfast and perhaps in the history of the world. Do you know that Febreze fabric freshener sprays odors out of all your fabrics everywhere? Just because I knew that my girlfriend proposed to me No lie knowledge is power, just like Febreze fabric freshener. Okay, so you used the other guys and now your packages. Well, maybe it's not lost, but it sure didn't get to the client's office by 10 a.m. And now the boss wants to see you. So next time, use Federal Express. So your package arrives where it's supposed to when it's supposed to. FedEx delivers right? College rivalries never die. That's why there's ESPN game playing college football paper view package. It's all the teams you want to see and all the ones you want to see. Beat ESPN college game plan