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Byron Hagan - Fantasy Sample

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Book 1 of 7 of the YA Fantasy Series, LAZY SCALES by DM Gilmore

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English (North American)

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Teen (13-17)


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the dragon whispered in Lewis's ear, it would appear we will not have time to pick out a nice cave. Such a shame, Louis, buddy. Speak to me, Jeremy whimpered as he looked down in shock at his prone friend Jeremy. Call 911. Becca ordered, dropping to her knees next to Lewis Lewis. Can you respond? Louis groaned before choking out. A painful yes. Can you feel this? Becca asked, poking his left arm and then his right. Yes, yes, Okay, that's a good sign. It might not be a stroke, Becca whispered carefully, maneuvering Louis onto his side. She rolled him just in time. As soon as his head was resting against his arm, he threw up on the ground, painting the sidewalk with bright orange bile. Jeremy gagged audibly as he fumbled with his phone before bringing it up to his ear and jabbering. It's okay, Let it out, Becca whispered, rubbing. Lewis is back. There wasn't anything she could do for him beyond keeping him comfortable. While whatever happened ran its course, Louis threw up again, this time coughing and sputtering as steaming vomit splattered the nearby grass. Everything hurts so much his skin felt tight, his lungs were on fire, and his heart was his heart. Always so big. Get up! The ghost Dragon ordered, nudging Lewis with a chili claw. Get somewhere safe away from all these humans, Louis groaned as he struggled to stand. Becca immediately shoved him back down to the ground, but Louis pushed her away and sat upright. His hoodie was covered in hot, sticky puke, but he ignored the rancid metallic stench. Is he shakily rose to his feet? No hospitals? The dragon whispered. No hospital. Lewis repeated his mind fogging over as he tried and failed to process What was happening. Can't afford one right now. Jeremy looked from Becca to Louis and back again. Becca shot him a steely glare. Sorry about that. Never mind, Jeremy said into his phone before hanging up. Lou, Becca said, slowly, standing up, embracing her friend by the shoulder. She shot Jeremy glare. Had he really just hung up on 911 because Louis had told him to. Lou, you should really go see the doctor. You really don't look so good. I'm fine, Louis croaked, dizzily, swaying from side to side. Just needs some rest. Lewis. I'm pretty sure you just had a stroke. You really shouldn't be standing, Becca insisted, grabbing his arm. No, Louis barked, pulling out of her hand. Just home, Jeremy looked frantically between his two friends, unsure of what to do. Jerry, help me get him home. His mom will probably call an ambulance, Becca grumbled, grabbing Lewis by the arm again. As her friend stumbled from side to side, Jeremy swallowed nervously before nodding and grabbing Lewis by the other arm. He gagged at the sight and smell of the vomit, and together the three of them headed for Lewis's house, just a short walk further down the road. Lewis's mother, Jane, answered the door. When they rang. She threw it open first with a furious glare on her face. Still, her expression quickly softened before turning into a look of horror and worry as she saw her son hanging limply between his two friends. What happened? She blurted, her eyes wide as she ushered them into the house. We don't know, Jeremy blurted. One a minute. He was fine, and the next he'd collapsed. He hasn't been feeling well all day. Lewis's mother led them into the living room, where they lay Lewis down on the couch. He groaned, but made no further effort to stand up. Jane peeled the sweat and puke drenched hoodie off her son before tossing it onto the floor. The T shirt beneath it clung to his chest as though it were drenched with water. He was running a high fever, Becca said. I did some simple checks for a stroke, but I don't know for certain what's wrong with him. Jane bit her lip before grabbing a blanket from off the back of the couch and draping it over her son, Louis, can you speak to me? Hey, Mom, Louis croaked. Sorry, I skipped attention. Not feeling good. It's okay. I'll call the school to let them know what happened, Jane whispered, putting a hand on his head. She recoiled in horror. At the temperature you're burning up. I'm calling an ambulance. We have to get you to the hospital. No hospitals, Louis barked, grabbing her by the wrist. Jeremy, Becca and Jane stared down at him in shock, and he let go of her with a grown tomorrow, he mumbled, I'll go to the hospital tomorrow. You might be dead tomorrow, Jeremy whispered, fidgeting nervously just need rest, Louis insisted, shutting his eyes. I'll be fine in the morning. The last thing Lewis saw before sleep took him away. Was the ghostly dragon smiling down at him. You will be perfect, the dragon whispered. Absolutely perfect.