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Just some of my stronger characters I have played throughout many livestreams.

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Hi, my name is Cameron Rosati. And for this demo, I will be playing four different characters. I hope you enjoy. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Easy. Do not be afraid. I'm not a monster. The name is Caleb. I'm a friend. Tell Me, Young one. What brings you out here? Are you lost? Do you need help? I promise I will not harm you. What? Seriously? This is what you brought us. This has got to be a joke, Right? This isn't a warrior. This is a welp in human clothing. The boy cannot lift a sword, let alone slay a dragon. I thought I told you that you had one hour to secure the package. What happened? Ah, I asked, but I don't care. Your excuses mean nothing to me as you seem to have failed your mission, which means dire consequences are coming your way. I did it. I did it by the gods. I've done it. I have finally proven myself worthy of praise. No longer will I have to wallow in self pity. On this day, I have finally become a true warrior and that concludes my demo again. My name is Cameron Rosati. And I really hope you enjoyed. Thanks so much for your time.