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Corporate Narration Demo, Energy, Medical, Technology, Food, Finance

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VO Demo featuring BP, Audi, Chobani, YNAB, NVIDIA.

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English (North American)


US General American (GenAm), US West Coast (California, Portland)


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we want the disruptors, the pioneers and the creators who can help us transform lives for the better at BP. We're using digital disciplines to transform every element of our business here. You'll be encouraged to think differently and help solve complex challenges, reimagining energy for people and the planet Jill and George, R. D. I. O. D double income one dog. But each month they struggle with their budget. That's why they started using, you need a budget to let them easily track their expenses. And since they've started, there's been a bit of a surprise, nope, it's not the Starbucks, it's that Coco gets away too many custom dog cupcakes. Come on, you can resist those puppy eyes. He's always pushing himself to be faster and if he goes one hill too high or one jump too far. Rochester regional health and media care is here for you. We're always pushing ourselves to be better to nobody has more convenient or higher quality care. The best care is Rochester regional health at Audi. We innovate with new technologies that learn through experience, connecting the dots to form new ideas and sharing with others so that together we grow even smarter building on this feeling of trust, We travel into a future where artificial intelligence will redefine the future of mobility. What do you think about when you eat? Do you think about where your food comes from, how it's made. These are things Chobani has thought about since the very beginning each year, we nurture and support new friends and businesses who think the same way. So you can rest a little easier because we believe in better food for more people, from medical imaging to surgical assistance, artificial intelligence is helping to deliver a new standard of health care. Doctors use medical devices to learn everything they can about their patients. Now, NVIDIA clara hollis can can be used with medical devices to add real time aI applications to help health care providers at every stage of treatment. Mhm.