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Corporate, English UK

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welcome to skills headquarter, the place where we are empowering our partners by developing and producing high quality medical products for markets all over Europe. Skill A. Are specialists in transforming your ideas into products based on stitching, producing upholstery, thermo for mobile plastics and full service setups for our customers. That's killer. We dare investing in our people skills, state of the art machinery and highly efficient processes which enables us to create great partnerships with our customers for skill. A. Your needs are unique, and we understand that your products are vital to achieve your ambitions. We assure a high level of performance custom made to service the demands of your company. We know the mechanisms in the medical segment and managing the process from product development through supply chain to production in a modern technical environment is what we do every day at our production locations in Tunisia and Macedonia. More than 200 highly trained staff are producing our partners products in a highly modern production environment with modern machinery. We work with C A, D or C, A M systems, Electra cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, automated stitching, die cutting, patching CNC cutting and much more find out what we could do for you. Every week, finished products are delivered to our headquarter in Holland, where products are prepared for despatch mint to our partners. The high quality of the products leaving our production is certified with ISO 9001. For all the skill er locations, our quality control will check all products, leaving our production against a set of specifications which is developed for the specific product. This is, of course, done to assure that every product lives up to the expected standards. What are your needs? This is one of the first questions you will be asked when you meet one of the people working at Scala, discover how we can help you to boost your business.