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Variety of voices, styles, characters, accents and energies.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British, US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), US South West (Texas)


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what's stressful about planning a wedding? Everything the wedding planners at one beautiful day will keep things running smoothly. So you can relax and enjoy your wedding. No more off key showers for Mai Mai, you aria showerhead from so Lottie. Really? Give me something to think about. Um, eyes hard, being a woman who knows how to get what she wants. Four cars, three houses and a loft in Paris. Yes, I'd give up everything else before my still eat home alone. Scared of the dark? No, you say? Then why don't you come to mysterious mention way on top of Morgan's Hill we're dying to see. Five years ago, I lost someone close to me not to a disease or a natural disaster, but to a drunk driver. When you let your friends drink and drive Texas Tom's fire pit has the best barbecue in town. You're looking for the best ridge you ever had. Don't look any further than Texas town with my firstborn. I'm trying to do everything right. She's so small and delicate. When I went to choose diapers, I had no idea there were so many brands My doctor recommended snuggles you? Yeah, I'm talking to you. It's me, your conscience. I'm here, toe protect our interests. But just pretend I'm not even here. It just seems to me that you could be in the mama Bob Bella's pizza instead. You know what I mean. Hi. I'm Cassie King. Thanks for listening.