Charlie Edmondson audiobook demo - Matilda



This is a piece from Matilda the Musical where Miss Trunchball is talking down to Matilda. She is comically condescending and belittling to Matilda and her family.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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Hello. My name's Charlie Edmondson. And this is my audiobook voice. Riel, This is an excerpt from Matilda the musical. How dare you? You are not fit to be in this school, Madam. You to be in prison in the deepest dang kissed, darkest prison. I shall have you wailed out, strapped to a trolley within. Muzzle over your mouth. I shall crush you. I shall pound you. I shall dissect you, madam. I shall strap you down to a table and perform experiments on you. I shall feed you to the termites. And there I shall squash the term lines into tiny fragments. And then I shall crush those tiny fragments into dust. And then I shall take the dust and feed it to the bloodworms in the blood. Once I shall feed to the birds and the birds, I shall release into the air and shoot them down with my 12 bold shotgun on so on. And so on and infinitum, madam. And infinitum. Your father is a crook. And so you. Last night I was driving home in the monstrosity. He sold me and the engine fell out. Well, what do you say to that, madam? You say nothing. And there is nothing you can say because you are genetically predisposed to evil. And you must be destroyed before you are allowed to go on and grow a centimetre taller than you currently are. Vomit, puke snot stain that you listening. All of these disgusting little slugs shall suffer. The most appalling in dignity is because of you. Yes. You rip the rebellion out of this class and devoured whole. I shall hang each and every one of you upside down by your ankles until all of your bodily fluids drain through your noses and into draught. Yes, Joss, which will be sent home to your parents with your school reports on which my soul right could do better.