Random Acts of Flyness - Phil (2018)



Role of Phil - the Orange, offering support to his fellow produce Brolic - the Broccoli.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Caribbean (General) Jamaican (Patois)


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Thanks, bro. Hold up. Did you see that? Yeah. Ratted cop man trying to tell you blood. They out here playing mind games on us, man. Don't reach for me and then choose some other ****. I know you saw me smiling, uh, scene, but the killings fresh on And what? And on sale and funk that kill. We've been out here all week. And no love, bro. They do not water us anymore. Just look at you, man. Me. What's wrong with me? Bruh. You're looking sick, man. Sick. Listen to brother, but no signal thinking yet. They all beats them. Not red. Well, brethren, some of us, we stay so naturally. Uh, man, you're right, man. I just you know, I get worked up. Man, I didn't mean to judge you. I was just, you know, saying that you know, a festival we really got to stick to. Oh, God. Where are you taking me? Where we're going. What was old? Come on. Help! Help! Somebody! Help! Help! Help! Help! You know, with a blood clot. Injustice, man, What kind of disrespect? Okay, the level of disrespect. It's just what we're gonna do. We