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I was miserable. Then I noticed the light blinking on my answering machine. I raced over to it. Maybe I had some happy messages. Maybe my favorite nephew had called. Or perhaps my sweet granny one, Whisker. Or maybe I had one that free vacation to the Hamster Islands. I bought a raffle ticket just last week at the shop and nibble. Maybe I was about to get lucky, excited. I pressed the button on my machine, but I was wrong about the messages. They weren't happy at all. They were horrifying. The first message was from some rodent named Stuart swing tail. He said he was a singer at the Sleazy for Dance Factory. I frowned. I've never been there. Only sewer rats hung out of the sleazy for. So what was this swing tail mouse calling me for? Hey stilton, old pal! You were really kicking up those paws, saturday night! He squeaked, By the way. You owe me 50 smackers. Don't forget pal. See you next week at the factory. The second message was from Dr. Edward S. Smuggler at the 3rd. He was a very rich and stuck up mouse. He had the best golf club's the best golf shoes and the best golf shirts. Still. He was an awful golfer. I guess it's true what they say, clothes do not make the mouse still did. What do you think you are trying to pull smug rats street? I know you swiped my wet king credit card. I just got the bill from your dinner with 57 friends at the golf club. You will be hearing from my lawyer. After that came a message from Mr Vander Raton. He owned an antique shop called treasured Crumbs. The antiques in his place were more expensive than my cousin. Brainy pause college tuition. Still. Mr Vander Rotten said that I had purchased a solid gold cheese holder just yesterday. I gave you the cheese holder on good faith. He said, I know you are a respectable newspaper mouse, but you will need to come in to settle your bill. Finally, there was a message from my sister's friends with such a tender for Geronimo. What was up with you yesterday? She sniffed. I know you saw me at the movies. I was sitting two seats away. Why didn't you say hello? You were so rude. I slumped onto my couch. Could this day get any worse? I felt like a young mouse in squeaking school who had just been scolded by all of my teachers. I don't know what to make of it. Unbelievable.