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This narration is produced from an untitled book that is still in the making. The character is experiencing a supernatural experience with telepathic communication.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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needless to say he was concerned about my safety and I suddenly realized that we were communicating without physical words. And I asked myself, I wonder if he can hear me? He sent me the energy of I can always hear you. I started to sob and I fell to the ground. All of this has taken place in the middle of my office as I weep, I sent him the energy of all of this time we have been communicating. We've been connected. You made me feel crazy with this. No communication. I thought I was alone. I could feel his sorrow and regret at this point I started to collect myself. I clean my office and I started to get messages from our spirit team who are busy fighting back the dark energy trying to intercede on this connection. It was like our spirit guides were protecting our cloaking our location from energies. I felt my twins say, or think as I ran up the stairs, I felt my twins, they're going to try and alter your perception of me. I remember running up the stairs towards my dining room feeling as if I could run away from this whole experience that I was having. I soon found out that things were not going to be that easy. I was pasting my kitchen floor and I could not feel the feet beneath my legs. I felt my twins energy still very present. Our guides were giving us information about us. How many Children need to have other insightful aspects of our connection of our past lives together. I asked one of our spirit guides about the importance of our Children, and why would they have such a spiritual life?