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This isn't like any other programme you've ever seen before. For six months we've scoured animal surgeries and animal hospitals right across the UK. Jack has just brought in his two year old miniature schnauzer pickle with a rather odd request for the vets. Most of us take speaking for granted. But what if the words in your head just won't come out for over half a million people in Britain, stuttering affects their lives every single day. But for one group of stammer, as there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change their life forever, they'll join a pioneering course run by stammers themselves that claims to give people control of their Stata. In just four days, As our stammers confront their biggest fears head on, they'll be pushed to breaking point. It's all or nothing. If they want to achieve what too many may feel like the simplest of dreams to speak. This may be the most important week of their lives. There's loads of us looking for love. Well, what happens when a romantic dream becomes reality? Welcome to a restaurant with a difference. Everyone in it is single, and on a real first date, cameras will capture every moment in their search for love. Will any of these first dates lead to a second? And will anyone find their perfect match every week? This restaurant is full of hopeful singles looking for love. All the data we have seen is photos with their potential partners online, and now they just need a spark. Peter and Julia, the first to take a seat at the first Dates table. Pete, a 29 year old social worker, and Julie, a 27 year old primary school teacher.