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This is a professional commercial demo displaying Chase's conversational reads.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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choices. You're the worst, this or that. Why must we always choose greatness? Wouldn't choose greatness, wants it all with Pizza Hut's big dinner box. You can have it all, so load up that plate is hard as you can, friend. Oh, go for greatness. People at Liberty Insurance. We know that in the real world we all need our freedom. That's why we ensure young drivers Liberty Insurance ready for the real world. Meet the Ninja Foodie Air Fry oven. Make fast family sized meals in the time it takes some ovens to preheat With ninjas Superheated air You can air fry for extra crispy, guilt free. Delicious results. Thea Oven that crisps and flips away. No calories, no sweeteners, all smiles, bubbly, sparkling water. Crack a smile. With Babel, you can speak a new language because language isn't just about learning new words. It's about learning a culture, a mindset and a new point of view. Babel. Language for life