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England - East (East Anglia, Cambridge, Hertfordshire), North American


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In greek mythology, The liar was a magical instrument used by Orpheus to charm both man and beast upon his death. The gods turned Orpheus into a swan and placed him in the heavens to be forever near. His wondrous heart, curving gently across the sky, and through the Summer Triangle is the Milky Way. This soft ribbon of light receives its luster from countless stars too faint too distant to be seen as individuals. In April 1815, 1 of the most powerful volcanoes in recorded history erupted in Indonesia. It is estimated that the Tambora volcanic eruption killed 50,000 island residents and lofted volcanic particles high into the atmosphere. These particles known as aerosols, lowered the temperature in the Northeast by training mind and body to work in synchronous unison, the student learns to control his or her breathing, develop concentration and then use what is referred to in the art of kung fu san soo as total body movement. This enables the execution of any technique with the full weight and power of the body. Welcome to all prospective United States citizens. We wish you well in your endeavor. These questions and answers should help you please repeat them as often as you can and get a family member or friend to work with you using the printed guide. Good luck, let's begin