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Hello Frances Here I will be some playing a an article that I've written uh a month ago, Give or Take the aspiring Tales of Captain Jack Sparrow. Written by me from a very young age, I've always been drawn to the persona that is Captain Jack Sparrow. Whenever I'd watched the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise on Tv, whichever movie it was, you are almost guaranteed to see a smile on my face throughout the duration of the movie from the way the actor johnny Depp seemingly portrays this indifferent yet heartfelt character perfectly, his swagger, his studio city mixed with his border. Surely I thought to myself, surely I can't be wrong by stating that this man, Jack Sparrow embodies the definition of freedom. Mixture of these elements I believe are part of what makes this man sorry, are part of what makes this main lead truly worth keeping an eye on. Thank you for listening.