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Chris Emerson is a very well established & trusted name in voice over. With a highly versatile and exciting range of kinetic vocal qualities, your projects will soar and captivate with the addition of Emerson's vocal stylings.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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chris Emerson when I was younger, I hated going to weddings, seemed all my aunts and grandma types used to come up to me poke me in the ribs. Can't go into your next Yeah, they stopped doing that after I did the same thing to them at funerals this month. Coca cola and red are releasing new tracks from some of your favorite artists as part of the fight to create an AIDS free generation at Southwest Airlines. We worked together on flights all across the country. So wherever you're going, we're ready to fly. Making it home safe at the end of the night starts with getting a ride at the beginning of the night, give a damn. Don't drive drunk A T and T is developing technologies for semi autonomous cars to take the steering wheel out of your hands, making it easier to enjoy your morning coffee. Starbucks double shot make today. The day I once poured water on cornflakes and ate it for supper. Thank heavens for Mcdonald's 303. The all new 2011 ford fiesta is full of surprises and here's one of them for you. You could win an idol inspired fiesta when you enter at american idol dot com slash ford plus a trip to L. A. And tickets to the show enter. Now get turbo. HD by dish network. The 100% HD service packages start at just 24 99 a month turbo. HD by dish network. Levi's relax straight 5 59. Levi's a style for every story. I've certainly made some bad decisions in my day. Like when I tried to climb a chain link fence naked, that's why I come to Fridays, no bad decisions.